Friday, December 16, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: December Events Are Going Smoothly - Except For That 60 Freeway Debacle

Yes, Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party leader, is BU-SY!  We apologize for our lack of blah-blah-blog posts, but things have just been crazy around our offices, as you can well imagine.  This weekend marks our last big December holiday weekend before the Christmas break, so we promise to return with all the stories from our many events, including the story about our trying NOT to use the Pomona (60) Freeway.  Those of you that live in SoCal know what I mean... That story's one for the books - We'll hit you with that one in January....

That's all for now.  Again, your parakeet-paper-worthy Aces Casino blog will return after the holidays .. Until then, this is your roving Orange County Casino Night blog-junkie wishing ALL of our many clients, friends and co-workers a very happy holiday season!  (Ed. Note: the Aces Casino fantasy football team is in the semi's, once again.  We'll update all that fantasy stuff later, also.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Don't Look Now, but The Buena Park Coyotes Varsity Fooball Team is CIF-Bound

Yes, yes, I know - "Oh, great, HERE he goes again.... Hey, Aces Casino - What do the Buena Park Coyotes' 2011 varsity football team have to do with your Orange County Las Vegas Night casino party company?"

Well, Aces Casino and the Coyotes DO have ONE thing in common.  They're both WINNERS.  Oh, and one more thing - They both have ME in common.  Those that claim that this 'reporter' is a dyed-in-the-wool Buena Park Coyote honk - Guilty as charged.

Sorry, but I'm honkin'.  The Coyotes are going back to the CIF Southwest Division PLAYOFFS, bay-bee!  That's two years STRAIGHT, thanks to a GREAT group of coaches that are working with the boys to be all they can be, both on the field, and in the classroom.  They're a class bunch, and they're fantastic teachers, too.

Here's a taste of what's happening at BPHS Football, courtesy of ABC-7 TV, Los Angeles....

Oh, and we'll include THIS lil' vid to set the mood out at BPHS....

OK, I'm suitin' up, I'm ready to play now.  It's the Haka, it does it to me every time.

Congratulations to Coach Anthony White on his being selected as the High School Coach of the Week in 2011, and good luck in your upcoming game against a tough Foothill High School in Round 1 of the CIF Varsity Football Playoffs, from the gang over at Aces Casino, the orange county casino night kingpins of SoCal!  Bring on the pain, BP.  Let's go out there and WIN!

(Ed. Note: We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.  It's OK, he loves BPHS Football.  But, if his team DOES win, I'm taking a one-week vacation from Aces Casino.  He'll be impossible to live with.  (I graduated from Foothill HS back in 1987.  Stay tuned.)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: December Is Coming - Is YOUR Casino Party Company in the "TOY" Business?

It happens EVERY December, like CLOCKWORK.

Every weekend in December, without fail, Aces Casino Entertainment, A.K.A. the top Orange County casino party company in Southern California, will get a call from a VERY unhappy client.

No, not one of OUR clients.  Rather, one of our "Ex-Clients."

Now, make no mistake about it; We LOVE all of our clients here at Aces Casino.  They're the ones that we LOVE to show off for, the ones we put on a spectacular casino party for.  But, unfortunately, every year, we see it happen..... A long-time client has a change of personnel at the top of the event coordination chain, and someone new takes control of the creation of the next December Holiday casino event for their corporation.  Then, we find out this "new" event coordinator is considering the possibility of saving a buck or two, and considering hiring some fly-by-night discount casino company to do their most pretigious event.

It's the Aces Casino "worst nightmare scenario," all over again.

Worse yet, every once in a while, we find out that the corporation's event coordinator, who's really interested in putting on a good face with the boss by saving $50, HIRES the fly-by-night casino company, and gives them the key to their prestigious 550-guest Christmas Holiday event.  Fortunately, this rarely happens.  It happens maybe once every five years, but it invariably DOES happen to our orange county casino night party company.

I HATE when this happens, because I ALWAYS know what comes next.  

Fortunately, we're so incredibly busy every December that after a period of time, the thought of the party that was lost to the $50 underbid fades from memory.... Until we're reminded about it when "the dreaded call"  comes in.  And make no mistake about it -- It ALWAYS comes in.  It's the WORST.  We HATE that call.

Here's a sample of what that dreaded call feels like, from a call back in 2010.... It's the night of the big holiday Christmas event, and the event coordinator calls us, in a PANIC.  It's two hours before the event is about to begin, and the woman is literally CRYING.  She tells us that the casino party company she hired instead of Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party LEADER in Southern California, has brought TOY EQUIPMENT to her prestigious event.

Yep.  TOYS.  It's the same call we get every time, once every four years.  It's like the Olympics, only with awful-looking casino equipment.

THIS is a TOY.

Like I said, she's panicking.  "You have to help me," she says.  "The Roulette wheel this cheap company brought is a cheap toy about the size of a pie plate, the chips they're giving us to hand out to my guests are like tiddly winks, the blackjack tables are just cheap fuzzy layouts on plywood, and everything's so rickety.  I'm afraid it's going to fall over on someone.  I want to fire them NOW.  Can you come down and do our event???  PLEASE...I can't have this ruin our Christmas party!"

I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS.  Like I said, we LOVE all of our clients.  We always have.  We LOVE putting on spectacular events.  We're ACES CASINO, for goodness sakes.  We've been doing this FOREVER.

That's when we have to relay the bad news.  We're already sold out, our teams of staff members are already assigned to other events, there's no itinerary info to work off of.  There are no more tables, and no more staff members available.

She starts to sob, uncontrollably.  It was the worst telephone call I've EVER had to deal with.

Until the NEXT one happens, that is.

THIS is a casino-size and quality wheel.  32", and gorgeous.

It's true, Aces Casino got to be SoCal's best orange county casino night party company by doing what we've done for 17 years --  Putting on GREAT events.  Unfortunately, we're NOT the "cheapest."  Our prices are INCREDIBLY competitive, though.  We're normally the second least expensive casino night party company in SoCal.  It's probably because we're the #2 casino party company in southern California.  We're big, and have the ability to do ANYTHING, when given the task ahead of time.

But unfortunately for our very distraught woman on the phone, It's too late.

There IS good news, though.  This year, this same nice lady brought us back on board to do their 2011 December holiday event, an event taking place about one month from now.  The bottom line?  We never hold a grudge.  Our event calendar ALWAYS fills up in December.  And, We know that it's tempting to save a buck or two, but the reality is, there are a lot of mom-and-pop-type casino party companies out there that use toy tables and equipment to host casino parties.

Yes, I suppose that they're "entitled."  There's no tried and true rule that states ALL casino equipment should look like it came from a casino.  That pie-plate plastic roulette wheel is good enough to hold a roulette game.

But...That's not the point.  Here at Aces Casino, we KNOW which of these unscrupulous companies are currently sending out sub-standard "equipment," and toy wheels.  We understand that it's not EVERY company that can shell out $4400 for a true casino size and quality Roulette wheel.

That's why WE'RE not just "any company."

Oh, yes, just for reference, there are actually three VERY good casino party companies that DO use full-blown casino size and quality casino equipment, accessories for those games, and pro casino staff members.  We're one, and the two other ones are really good, too.  (A little pricey, but I digress.)

Hey, you want to know who the other two companies are?  Call us, we'll tell you.  I remember when one of the two companies called us to thank us for the reference.  They didn't fully comprehend the assistance at the time, but they do, now.  We're not info hoarders here.  Funny thing is, people don't realize that we're in the business of making everyone's event a success.  We really don't care which of the three companies you choose.  Here at Aces Casino, it's all about the commitment to casino party excellence.  Simple as that.  It's never about the money -- It's all about the event.

Oh, we have one small side note to this bloated blog entry this week.... We currently have a client on our calendar, a VERY good and prestigious corporation, one of the top guns in their field of expertise, that feels like they're about to "jump the shark," and possibly lean to bringing aboard a "toy company" to do their event this December, even though the quotes between our company and the toy-maker are almost exactly the same. 

Toys.  I used to LOVE toys.

Well, as of this writing, the decision is yet to be made.  Hopefully, our client will feel and find out the difference between Aces Casino and the Toy-Maker, and continue their affiliation with one of the best casino party companies in the business.

I sure hope so.  I really like this event coordinator that's making this decision a LOT.  She's VERY nice.  But - she's considering bringing a Ford Pinto to a NASCAR event, and running it in the race.  She's spending SO much money on all of the other peripherals for the event.  It must be costing a FORTUNE for the event, it's totally a high-class event, in every other way.  You should SEE the facility that she chose for the event.  Beautiful place.  If those guests get toy equipment, they're going to be TICKED.  I would be.  It'll be a DISASTER.

I hope she chooses to bring back Aces Casino.  If not, I'll brace for "the dreaded call."  It ALWAYS comes.  We'll update this blog later on, in two months.  We'll let you know what happened.  In the meantime, just a piece of advice, for those of you working on putting together a casino night event -- ASK the company that you're considering for your event if they supply ACTUAL casino size and quality equipment and dealers.  If they say "yes," you've found one of the three companies.

If they "hem and haw," or chamge the subject, just call us.  I KNOW that WE'RE one of the 3 companies.  Either way, call Aces Casino any time you have any questions about an upcoming event that you're planning, we'd be happy to help out.  Oh, and have a happy and entertaining holiday season!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: A VERY Quick Peek at the Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League

Aces Casino has always taken pride in their lofty ranking as the number one orange county casino party company in southern California, and, since attaining that goal, the company does allow for a little, shall we say, "frivolity" amongst it's many employees.  And, when it comes to frivolity, nothing could possibly surpass the company's desire to waste time with the love for fantasy football.  (Hey, it's a lot of fun, and It's on Sundays, when we don't work.)

Therefore, we thought it'd be nice to show off one of the Aces Casino fantasy football blogs, written once a week (Ed. Note: NOT on company time) that touches on some of the teams that have a home here.  So, without further interruption, courtesy of the orange county casino night champions of Aces Casino, here is the weekly column entitled, "What Was I Thinking?"

I don’t know about YOU guys, but, for moi, this 2011 NFL season continues to confound me.  We’re four weeks into another National Football League stanza, about 1/4th of the way thru the schedule, and there are quite a few surprises as the league hits the quarter-pole….

----- The Detroit Lions, a team that seemed to be the poster children for getting ripped off by officials during games in 2010, is now 4-and-0 on the year;

----- The Buffalo Bills, despite getting surprised in a Cincinnati ambush last week, are still 3-and-1 on the year, and tied for first in the AFC East;

----- The San Diego Chargers, who are hired by molasses companies to teach their product how to start slow out of the bottle, are 3-1 so far:

----- And in the DFFL, a full EIGHT of the twelve Dunn-Ed franchises are at either 2-2 or 1-3 after four games. 

Has parity hit the Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League?  Well, if you ask me, parity hits the league in one way or another EVERY season.  I play in more than a few fantasy football leagues on this end, and without QUESTION, there is more craziness, unpredictability and flat-out goofiness in this DFFL than in any other league that I’ve EVER participated in.  Translation?  It’s SUCH a good league..

With that in mind, my DFFL brethren, with 1/3rd of the Dunn-Ed games in the can, and everybody still more than alive in the race for the 2011 Dunn-Ed title, It’s time to look back at the wild and wacky results of Week Four of the DFFL.  It’s time to find out which of my Dunn-Ed friends were dining on steak last week and who chose Spam for their post-game meal, it’s time to discover which team owners were listening to Pavarotti on their CD players, and who chose to throw in the ol’ “Roseanne’s Greatest Hits” 8-track tape and give it a listen – It’s time to ask that age-old question, “What Was I THINKING?”

We begin our Week Four quest for greatness in the Genius Division, and, usually, when the “bye” weeks begin, we normally see some pretty good scores stand out at this point of the WWIT season.  Perfect scores are the norm when the “byes” hit our league, but, surprisingly, none THIS weekend…  So, with no perfecto’s to choose from, we find that the lowest score of the week belongs to a man that is no stranger to Genius-level play in the WWIT – That man is none other than Ron Bolton of Run&Gun, who lost a grand total or TWO bench points for the week, when his PK foiled the perfect score.  Give the Gold Medal for Week Four to the 3-1 “Gunner” of the Dunn-Ed League, and we’ll also give him one bonus point for that 144-point explosion last weekend.  Good job, Ron.

The Genius Division Silver Medal for Week Four goes to Anthony Pitassi and MGL for only coughing up 6 points to the bench.  We’ll give our resident Bills’ fan five Genius points + one Bonus Genius point for only having one miscue in the lineup selection for the weekend.  Bronze medal goes to FTP for leaving Julio Jones on the bench, and losing seven points in scoring on that one error.  3 Genius points plus one more for his attempt at a perfecto in Week Four play.

Those three teams were the only teams to score in single-digits of bench-point loss for the week, so it’s tough to award any other bonus points.  I suppose we can give Trojans’ owner Andrew Gillette a half-bonus-point for suffering yet another tough loss last weekend.  He’s lost three games by a TOTAL of SIX points this year.  That, and his only WIN was a two-point squeaker.  Change a few things, and the Trojans are the 4-and-0 team at this point in the season, instead of the Bolts.

OK …. Here are the Week 4 Standings in the 2011 WWIT Genius Division…..


1.   Run&Gun (16 points) – Well, well, look who’s back at the top of the heap!
2.   Trojans (15.5 points) – This’ll be a three-way battle for awhile.
3.   Burbank Thumpers (14 points) – Minor blip, and still just two points out.
4.   Your Name Here (8 points) – No, Ben, Aaron Rodgers’ “50” doesn’t help you here.
5.   J-Squad (7 points) – I know how you feel with that Bolts game, Jesus.
5.   Full Tilt Poker (7 points) – Even when I do well, it’s STILL bad.
7.   Mr. Go Lucky (6 points) – “Moral victory” for one of the DFFL good guys.
8.   Norsemen (3 points) – Another “Just-Win” job for the Vikes fan.
9.   The Nemesis (1 point) – Hey, one point is better than none.

Yet to score – Grim Reaper, Bolts (17 straight for the Commish), Baltimore Ravens

There you have it – Our three geniuses for the week, along with one DFFL owner that we had best put on suicide watch.  Wow… Andy’s four games have all been decided by a grand total of 8 points.  He’s the new “Cardiac Kid” of the Dunn-Ed League.  Ahh, yes, but enough of the GOOD players – It’s time to leave the field of greatness, and move to the battle-scarred sandlot of the “not-so-good,”  the place that DFFL team owners PRAY not to appear on week after week….But, eventually, we ALL do.  It’s inevitable…. So, gather around the campfire of ineptitude, kiddies, for it’s time to find out who on Monday morning was asking themselves the question, “What Was I THINKING?”

But, before we move on any further, I think that it’s time to stop and give everyone a quick peek into something we rarely do here at WWIT, and that would be to allow our members to look at our rock-solid criteria on just how we score the team owners here, week-in and week-out.  And, right at the top of the WWIT list, there it is – “Rule #1 – If your bench out-scores your starters in any given week in the DFFL, you qualify for special treatment in the WWIT.”

Hey, we just follow the rules around here.  (grin)

It IS a rare occurrence, but Burbank Thumpers team owner Jose Cano pulled off this feat when he lost his Week Four game to Rob Mielke of the Norsemen, 65-63 last week.  That’s 63 points for Jose’s TEAM, and 84 points for the Thumpers’ BENCH.  Hey, he TOLD us his bench was a beast.  Guess he was right!  So, for losing a DFFL game by two points when your bench outscores your entire team, Jose Cano hits the WWIT exacta – Gold Medal and 7 big goofy-points for the 53-point giveaway for the weekend, and an additional 3 goofy-points for that BEAST of a bench pulling off the exacta.  Don’t worry, Rob – We’ll get to you soon.  (grin)

Silver medal in Week 3 of the WWIT goes to our other Buffalo Bills’ fan, the Grim Reaper’s Alan Sullivan, who was also in the spirit of giving last week, when he left a whopping 41 points on his bench in his game against Run&Gun.  Five WWIT points for the 41 point loss, but no bonus goofy-points.  When you face a team that puts up 144, you’re safe, there.  Bronze medal for the week goes to the aforementioned Rob Mielke of the Norsemen, who TRIED to give away that game against Burbank when HE left 26 points of HIS bench, and STILL got the win.  3 WWIT points for the Viking Fan.

Let’s see….Bonus WWIT points for “Weak” Four – Oh, DEFINITELY one WWIT point for the Bolts.  He’s this year’s version of Your Name Here.  Slams the Squadron by 34, and STILL threw away an additional 23 points on his bench.  Give the Commish a point for THAT.  Also, the previously unbeaten J-Squad scores a goofy-point for their 23-point bench loss last week, as well.  An interesting note on this game – Talked to Jim Francis on Monday; he told me that Jesus could see the bomb from the Bolts coming, but didn’t care.  “I’ll still be 3-1, and playing in my division,” Jesus reportedly said.  Hey, works for me!

OK, here we go, 4 weeks into the WWIT…Standings, with the new name – I told you there was some special treatment coming.  Rule #1, baby. 


1.   Beautiful Downtown Burbank (17 points) – What are YOU doin’ up here, Jose?
2.   Mr. Not-So-Lucky (13 points) – I knew Anthony wouldn’t stay on top for long.
3.   The NEMISES (12 points) – OK, I’ll spell it your way.  STILL good for a point-a-day.
4.   J-Lo Squad (7 points) – You needed 5 Jared Cook’s last week, Jesus.
5.   Grimy Reaper (6.5 points) – No one could expect Garcon’s explosion, Alan.
6.   Dolts (6 points) – One point for stealing Decker, and one for being 4-and-0.
6.   Dirty Birdies (6 points) – I feel bad for my son.  He’s really banged up.
8.   Nameless Wonder (5 points) – He’s like the Chargers.  BIG second half coming in WWIT.
9.   Fully Tilted Poker (4 points) – Last in my division, and last here, too.  Can’t win.
9.   Worst-Men (4 point) – You’re winning games AND scoring points here?  How?

Yet to score – Trojans, Run&Gun (Four great weeks for both.)

There you have it, another crazy WWIT week in the DFFL.  Hope all of you are having a good week, and with that, good luck in your Week Five games, and may all of your players stay healthy and score big-time points for you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Fantasy Football Takes Over The Office, and Deleting Unknown Files isn't Too Smart

Here at Aces Casino, also known as the Orange County Casino Night Party Kingpin, we tend to get, well, shall we say, "A tad sidetracked," when it comes to office work.  (Ed. Note: Gee, what a surprise.)  OK, maybe we got a LOT side-tracked.  Hey, we're allowed!  That, and deleting the files here at Aces Casino that dealt with this particular blog sure wasn't a good idea, now, WAS it? 

Agh....Well, no sweat...It looks like the Orange County Casino Party guys are back on-line.  And, we return with three thoughts as we test the internet waters, to make sure that we really ARE back....

#1 -- Fantasy football can drive you CRAZY!  One injury, and you're 1-and-3, and already facing must-win games.  (I speak from personal experience here.  Grin)  Now that we're back up and running, we'll post some fantasy football propaganda tomorrow.... Oh, and rumors that I purposely twisted the offices' computer system to stop the spreading of info about my awful fantasy team or to get out of blogging altogether is a lie, or you can't prove it - One of those two.  I'll know which, in about a week.

#2 -- It's early October, and the Aces Casino party calendar is filling up.  We'll be firming up dates with all of our regular clients this week, and into next week, but we're ALWAYS looking for a new client or two that would LOVE to have the elegance of a full-blown casino supplied by Aces Casino at their next holiday gathering.  Give us a call right away, and we'll get you on our event calendar.

#3 -- Take from this Los Angeles Casino Night guy -- Ashton Kutcher ain't gonna work as the new "man" in Season 9 of "Two and a Half Men."  He just isn't funny.  That show's supposed to be funny, right?  Someone tell Chuck Lorre it ain't, or I'LL have to do it, and we all know how well THAT went over at the CBS gig two years ago.

Not funny now, not before, not EVER.

OK, friends, that's all for now.  We'll be back with our regular drivel starting next week.  From all of us here at Aces Casino, your orange county casino party giant, thank you for your support and your business, and we'll see you at your next event!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Aces "Paparazzi:" Casino Party Pictures From the Aces Photo Vault - Issue #1!

Every once in a while (Editors' Note: more like once a year), the powers that be here at Aces Casino come up with an idea that seems to fit our irreverent, "witty" Aces Casino Blog perfectly.  Such a suggestion was made just last week at one of our many in-house conferences, when one of our orange county casino party team members suggested that we begin posting some of our best pictures and video taken at the various events that Aces Casino Entertainment appears at here in the southern California area.

Hmmm.....Not a bad idea.  It fits the two qualifications involved in the decision-making process when analyzing any possible suggestion used here at the Aces Casino Blog:  #1, that It's easy to do, and #2, that it doesn't involve heavy lifting.  Hey, so, OK, I'm a lazy blog-writing light-weight.  Sue me.

So, since the pictures aren't very heavy, and we're already here typing the blog for today, here is the first installment of the "Aces Casino Blog Paparazzi Division," courtesy of us lazy blog-typers here at the orange county casino night party kings, A.K.A. Aces Casino.

This shot proves that you just never know who you're going to see playing a little Texas Hold - 'Em Poker at a major charity event.  Sitting at the table, second from the left in the print dress, that's one of our favorite people from the reality TV show "Storage Wars:"  It's none other than Brandi Passante, who, along with business partner and soul-mate Jarrod Schulz, are the owners of the "Now and Again Thrift Shop" in Orange, CA.

Notice that she doesn't look very happy - I'm guessing that her lack of chips while sitting at the table has something to do with her mood at the time.  Hey, Brandi: It might be poker with play money, but the game's still tough to beat, just like how tough it is to win a bid from you and Jarrod.  Oh, by the way: We've been to their thrift shop in Orange.  It's pretty cool.  Those that might be inclined and in the area should check it out.  They've got some nice stuff in there.  My son must have bought every DVD they had.

There'll be many more candid shots of our celebs in the days, weeks and months to come, believe me.  Before we go, just a reminder to the fantasy football players out there -- The NFL season begins TONIGHT, with a big-time matchup -- The New Orleans Saints visit Lambeau to take on the Green Bay Packers.  Set your lineups early, friends.  Everyone has SOMEBODY in that game.  Take care, have fun watching the game, and call us TODAY if you're planning on that big holiday casino night event -- Our calendar is filling up fast.

OK, I'm out of here.  Gimme the camera, and watch out.  We've got a lot of events this weekend.  Do I get paid for every picture I take?  (Editor's Note: NO.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: The Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Draft is Over, But there's Still Another Pain To Deal With

Instant Apologies go out to all of our many (3?) loyal Aces Casino blog followers across this vast internet wasteland.  Our orange county casino party machine's ability to blog this Tuesday has been unabashedly derailed as a result of two unrelated occurrences ....

1)  A last-second request for a meeting with one of our many catering affiliates in regards to an upcoming holiday event scheduled for later this year, and 2) an unforeseen accident that has resulted in a broken tooth in the mouth of the normally glib blog-guy that frequents these blog-halls.... (Editor's Note: Wow, we thought it was a little quiet in the office today.)

So, unfortunately, we'll have to delay our normal Tuesday blog 24 hours, and post the usual drivel from your favorite orange county casino night party company one day later, on Wednesday.  In the meantime, good luck to all of of you, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Don't Look Now, But Here Comes the Buena Park 2011 High School Football Season

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Someone came up to me at an early business meeting when Aces Casino (the orange county casino party juggernaut) was born some 17 years ago and told me, "Aces, if you want to be a success in this industry, you have to be well-rounded."  I also seem to remember that this man doing all the talking at this new small business symposium was about 5 feet, three inches, and weighed some 290 pounds.

Well, I thought, he's pretty much the well-rounded-est person I've ever seen, so I'd best take his advice, in more ways than one.  I've gained more than a few pounds over the years to keep my bases covered in one aspect of his suggestions to success, but here at Aces Casino, we've also taken that OTHER meaning of his advice to heart.  Yes, we're VERY good at what we do in the orange county casino party business, but besides that, we also taken pride in the fact that our "eclectic nature" also helps make us what we are today.

Among our many semi-insane (and proud of it) staff members, you'll find the most interesting and diverse types of hobbies and "like-to-do" things in the industry, from bird-watching to NASCAR, from eBay to E-Trade, from poker tournament play to fantasy football play.  Every week, someone around these here parts has a fascinating story concerning what they did or saw during the past week.

Now, when it comes to THIS quasi-reporter, one of MY favorite "likes," or one of my favorite things to do around here, is to go to football games; mostly the NFL Chargers' games, but on a more local and personal level, high school football games.  And not just ANY high school games -- Buena Park High School football games.  It just happens to be the high school that I graduated from some 20 years ago (Ed. Note: OK, yeah, more like 50 years ago), and, because of my love for the game, it seemed a natural thing to stay connected to the ol' alma mater and take in a few games each year.

Now, as high school football factories are concerned, Buena Park High ain't exactly Servite or O-Lu... As a matter of fact, over the last, say, 40 years, the team hasn't exactly re-written the CIF Southern Section record books.  The Orange County Register, one of the best newspapers in the world when it comes to local high school sports, lists the Buena Park Coyotes' win-loss record over the years at 193-317-18, which means we've averaged about 4 wins a season, thru the years.

That ain't much.

But, there HAVE been some big-time thrills here and there in Coyote-Land.  Ten years ago, the Coyotes' football team did the un-thinkable when they stormed all the way to the CIF Southern Section Championship Game at Cal State Fullerton against the Brea-Olinda Wildcats.  That was one of the greatest days of my high school football life, walking into that stadium to watch my high school team battle for the title.

Then, the game started.  Ouch.  Actually, when you follow prep football as closely as I do, you kinda know when your team's in trouble, and I knew that BPHS was wandering into the Twilight Zone when they took on Brea-Olinda.  They totally out-played Buena Park the entire first half, but they didn't out-class the Coyotes -- Buena Park came out at the start of the second half, and marched right down the field for a TD, looking just like the team that had beaten South Hills the week before to get to the title game.

I don't remember the score of the BOHS / BPHS game (Ed. Note: Don't worry, I'll find that score someday), but I'll never forget the pride inside of me when I went to that game, as well as all the other games I've seen over the years.

The last few years HAD been rather tough to watch, however.  There were times just two or three years ago when it seemed that the Coyote playbook could be written on the back of a business card.  The dog days had returned, and these dogs were BARKIN', to the tune of a 1-and-39 win-loss record over a four-year span, and that one win was by forfeit. At THIS rate, we're NEVER gonna get our overall record back to .500...  (Grin)

THEN came 2010.

The 2010 BPHS Football Program had a new staff, led by first-year Head Coach Anthony White, a man that has just one important vision for his kids -- Excellence in academics as well as athletics.  He's intense, but not a screamer.  He's knowledgeable, but he's not a know-it-all.  But, to me, his one most important thing is, he's a TEACHER.  I mean, I could go on and on about Coach White, but the OC Register and other periodicals have already done that for me.  Go look him up thru the various news clippings like this link.  Or THIS link.  Or THIS one.  You'll see what I mean.  The best part -- The man knows FOOTBALL.  He MUST -- He brought me back on board as "the Voice of the Coyotes," A.K.A. the P.A. announcer, a job I had held for about 15 years, earlier in my BPHS 'career.'  I loved Coach White from the start.  In a VERY short time, I could tell he was someone that got things DONE.  I like that.

Then, the season started. 

Now, I'll go into EVERY Coyote season thinking the best..."Hey, you never know, this year just might be one of those years..." 

You can say THAT again.  For the first time in school HISTORY, the BPHS Coyotes rattled off wins in their first SIX games, on route to their first CIF Playoff Berth since the 2001 season.  Coach White and his staff re-built the Coyotes from scratch, preparing them for the '10 season like no other staff, instilling a feeling of pride, accomplishment, a desire to excel not just in football, but in LIFE. 

For the first time in a long time, the alumni, parents, families and friends of the Coyotes were joining forces, and getting involved in the school at a level that I haven't seen in a long time.  "The Coyote Club," the BPHS Booster Club, saw a spike in membership and participation.  Suddenly, my ol' buddies from those other schools, schools like Sunny Hills, Katella, Estancia, Bolsa Grande..... They didn't want to talk to me about football any more.  But I DID.  (Until they hung up.) 

Which brings us to 2011......

I can't WAIT to see the 2011 version of the Buena Park Coyotes football team.  But not for the reason that you might THINK..... For me, It's just fun to be around a group of people, of kids, of coaches, all types of people that are getting together for the cause, bonding for not just athletics, but for each other.  It really is a great thing to see.  For the first time in the school's history, Aces Casino, the orange county casino party giant, volunteered it's time and energy to help the Coyote Club throw a casino night party and fundraiser for the Club two weeks ago, something that I'd never thought I'd see.  I'm tellin' ya, things are happening out at Buena Park High these days.....

Oh, yeah, the 2011 Football Team....

Here....Let me introduce you to two fine gentlemen.....

Two gentlemen that are smiling as broadly as I am.

Let me introduce you to Kameron Taylor (top) and J. J. Christy (bottom), just two of the members of the 2011 BPHS Coyotes football team.  You know why they're smiling?  Because they're two of the members of the 2011 BPHS Coyotes football team, THAT'S why.  They get to play for Coach White and his staff.  

Kameron played on the 2010 team, racking up more than 750 yards in receiving last year.  Kameron's smiling because J. J. just joined the Coyotes as their new QB for 2011.  J. J. USED to play in Alaska, for Service High.  You know Service High, right?  They've been in more than a few STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES with the aforementioned Mr. Christy as their QB.  2,000 yards passing, 440+ yards rushing....  Looks like J. J. was BUSY in Alaska the last two years.  Oh, yeah, here's a little video from Alaska for ya....

And now, these two gentlemen play for BP.  Them, and about 25 more just like them.

I think I'll give my Sunny Hills friends a call..... Haven't talked to them in a long time.....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aces Casino Blog: Ocean View / Huntington Beach, CA - Little League World Series CHAMPIONS!

 Aces Casino Special Report:  This normally isn't our day to post, but we now have GREATNESS is our midst -- The Ocean View (Huntington Beach) Little League juggernauts have just won the Little League World Series Championship in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, by defeating a VERY good team from Japan today, by the final score of 2-1.

Congratulations to all of our friends out at Ocean View LL from all of us here at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party leaders (and proud sponsor of Ocean View LL and Booster Club)!  As far as we have heard, the OV Baseball Team, parents and boosters of the team will be coming back home sometime tonight or tomorrow.


Also, the Mayor of the city of Huntington Beach, Ca., the Honorable Joe Carchio, has announced that there WILL be an official parade for the kids, scheduled for Saturday, September 10, 2011, starting at 3pm.  The Parade will start at Orange and Main Streets and head on Main toward Pacific Coast Highway to end at Pier Plaza.  

Again, our congratulations go out to a great group of kids.  What a fun ride that was!  Our thanks to all the parents, coaches, supporters, and staff for a great job, as well.  Come HOME, you guys and gals!  We'll see you on the 10th!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Aces "College of Casino Game Knowledge:" Top 5 Things you Probably Didn't Know About Las Vegas

When you're known as the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, you had better know EVERYTHING about casino games.  Thankfully, the brass at Aces Casino DOES.  Now, possibly, their expertise in selecting authors to write their twice-weekly blog might be questioned, but, for now, I'll gladly accept the weekly $34.65 stipend for creating this published (?) train wreck, and cash the check, before someone gets wise.

This Friday's blog is a result of yours truly roaming the halls of Aces Casino, and asking the tough questions: #1, "do you know any really good trivia about the city of Las Vegas," and #2, "who stole my $16 pen?"  Well, I didn't get any nibbles on question #2, but as for the first query, yep, without question, there's no one group of casino party crazies that know more useless trivia than this team of orange county casino party nuts.  (I do have the greatest job in the world.)

So, without one more moment of hesitation (and before they can stop payment on the $34.65 check), here are the top 5 Aces Casino "gee whiz" facts about the city of Las Vegas.....

#1 -- Everyone knows (or thought they knew) that Ben Siegel's "Flamingo Hotel and Casino" was the first hotel / casino resort built in Vegas, in 1946.  Uhh, nope...Not true.  Actually, the very first hotel / casino in the city was built some five years earlier -- The El Rancho Vegas, a strip property, was built in 1941.  Goofy factoid:  This hotel burned to the ground 19 years later, in 1960.  Anyone that knew Siegel's whereabouts on that particular night is encouraged to call the LVPD cold-case division.

Flamingo Hotel, 1946. VERY cool. 

#2 -- When you officially leave California, and take the 15 freeway across the border into Nevada, there was a time that you used to refer to that area as "State Line, Nevada."  However, since 1996, that border area's name was officially changed to "Primm, Nevada," in honor of the area's founder, Ernest Primm.

 Ernest Primm. 

#3 -- There are some people that think that the MGM Grand Hotel at the corner of North Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue is NOT the largest hotel in the world...They're wrong.  It's still the boss of the planet, boasting a total of 5,005 rooms.  Word is they go thru about a million rolls of toilet paper a year there.  My wife must stay there when she's in town.  That woman can go thru GOBS of the stuff, believe me.

#4 -- Mormon settlers have always been given credit for discovering that vast plot of land know as Glitter Gulch, but actually, the Mormons, while receiving proper credit for setting up the first settlement in the city in 1855, were NOT the original group to discover  Las Vegas: Spanish explorers actually discovered Las Vegas some 26 years earlier, in 1829.   Guess they didn't want to stick around and wait for Siegel's hotel to open.  Can't blame 'em.

#5 -- It seems that a big part of Las Vegas' "history" is to seemingly erase it's past history:  every year or so, decisions are made to demolish one of the older hotels that made the city famous, in order to build something new, something"bigger and better." With that in mind, you'd best fasten our seat belt -- There are current discussions with one of the major hotel chains in the city (MGM Resorts) to actually knock down a hotel that is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  I kid you not.  It's called the Harmon....Seems the darned thing might have a few defects in it's initial foundation construction.  Translation: It probably wouldn't  still be there if an earthquake hit the city.

Hey, at least the ticker works.  DOES look like It's leaning, though.

Uhh, yeah, that's gonna be a problem.  I'm not staying in a new hotel that has signs on the wall requesting that the patrons not sneeze hard.  Here's the link to this amazing story.  Hey, at least MGM can save money on the demolition of the thing.  Sounds like a loud party might be all that's needed to raze that thing.  Someone's losing their job over THIS one.  I can't believe someone forgot the rebar....

Well, that's all for now, my friends.  Any possible last-minute casino events that our clients might be planning over the Labor Day weekend should book now with ol' Aces Casino -- Our orange county casino party crew loves going out of town during this holiday, but they'll be glad to stick around, should the need arise.   Should anyone need info about or is interested in booking their next casino party, give Aces Casino a call today.  Maybe, by then, I'll find my $16 pen.

(Ed. Note: I doubt it.  I brought it home with me last week.  You're right, it IS nice.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aces Fantasy Football Blog #1: Top 5 Pre-Season Situations That Are Driving Team Owners CRAZY

This is the time of year that the offices of Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party giant, just LOVES to see coming.....(That is, besides the beginning of another school year that'll get the kids out of our house for a while, so we can concentrate)....

It's Fantasy Football Draft time again!

That's right, friends.  Fantasy Football has GRIPPED the Aces Casino team once again - Time for the fur to fly at the annual Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League draft, with the date coming up some nine days from now.  We always wait until after the 3rd NFL pre-season game to draft, so we can all take a good look at who's finally signed, in camp, just got hurt, or whatever. Those of you that do the fantasy-thing know what we're talking about, and those who don't, well, I guess you stopped reading already.  Too bad - We might just re-post our link to "Chumlee On Toast."  When it comes to our kooky and eccentric staff here at the Orange county casino night kings, you just never know.  (Ed. Note: He's serious.  Someone should be filming OUR staff Christmas party.)

So, since we still have nine days to kill before we all get together and put together our teams for the 2011 DFFL season, we thought it was just the right time to discuss some of the more pertinent pre-season NFL topics that are floating around in the various fantasy football blog sites, topics revolving around certain players and teams.  So, without further hesitation, here are the Aces Casino "pre-season top 5 NFL Fantasy Football hot topics,"  courtesy of your favorite orange county casino party company-turned-fantasy football info station...

#1 -- Chris Johnson's new contract negotiations

Boy, I bet things got pretty crazy over at the Titans' offices when they got word that "CJ2K" was asking for somewhere around $13M PER SEASON.....Then, when the numbers in regards to the Larry Fitzgerald contract with the Arizona Cardinals were released (8 Years / $120M, $50M guaranteed) ol' "CJ2K" has his agent contact Tennessee, and tell them they were looking for MORE than $13M / season.

Holy smokes....$13M per season...That's like getting TWO "Six Million Dollar Men" like Steve Austin, and still having $$$$ left over to afford parking at the 2012 Super bowl.  The Aces Fantasy Slant on this -- Chris Johnson will be signed right around the end of the 4th week of preseason games, and will be trotted out on the field on opening day, 2011.  Someone tell Ron Bolton that It's OK to breathe, now... (Grin)  I wouldn't let this guy drop down in the first round TOO far, and give some other team a bargain.

CJ2K arrives at Titan HQ to discuss contract squabble.

#2 -- Peyton Manning's "Pain in the Neck"

Shows how much I read in the off-season -- I didn't even know that Eli's older brother had HAD some sort of neck surgery.  Must've been a tough operation.... That guy's neck is like two feet long.  Peyton came out and said he might be ready for the start of the regular season, he's just waiting for the nerves to regenerate.  Aces Fantasy Slant -- I agree with Manning's former head coach, Tony Dungy - Unless Peyton's dead, he'll be out there on opening day.  Extra info nugget -- This has only happened to Peyton Manning one other time in his career (missing most, if not all of the pre-season).  When it DID happen, Manning was VERY ordinary for the first month of the season, but became his old self after week 5 or 6.  Don't downgrade him too far.

#3 -- #1 Draft Pick -- Foster, Peterson, CJ2K, or Charles?

Here, we'd rank 'em Foster #1, AP #2, Jamaal #3, and maybe even Ray Rice ahead of Chris Johnson, A.K.A. the "13 Million Dollar Man."  You really can't lose here, my friends.  The better question MIGHT be 'which QB - Rodgers (yes), Brees (yeah, OK) or Rivers (love him, too).  Gotta love the first round of the draft....

#4 -- Gates or Clark? 

OK, this one's a toughie.  I love me some Antonio Gates, but his Plantar scares me.  Dallas Clark's a stud, and fully recovered from his devastating wrist injury, but his QB might be missing at the startt of the season.  We'll put Gates 1a, and Clark at 1b, for now.  IMHO, you can't go wrong with either one.  Watch out for how soon one or both of these guys might be drafted, but rest assured that there are some pretty good TE's all the way to the top SIX in this group, and probably better than six.... (Sleeper?  Jimmy Graham.)

 Manning LOVES this guy, and so do I.

#5 -- Round 2 RB's ... Bradshaw, Blount, Moreno, Hillis, or DeAngelo?

In order.....1 - Bradshaw.  Quick as a cat, and we're not scared of the Jacobs thing.  2 - Blount.  Give yourself one fantasy point if you can name LeGarrette's backup.  3 - Hillis.  Ditto for Peyton, he's the man, and we're not scared of a slow-down at the end of 2011.  4 - DeAngelo.  Should be higher, but Johnathan Stewart's a problem.  5 - Moreno.  This hurts to put him at five, but with Willis "the Vulture" McGahee stealing goal-line carries, I just gotta do it.

That's all from the orange county casino party leaders for this very late Tuesday blog, my friends.  Friday, we'll be looking at another one of our Aces Casino "College of Casino Gaming Knowledge" quizzes.  Have a good week, stay cool, and we'll see you in two days!

Oh, and for those of you who hung in and finished our fake football ramblings, here you go, as promised.

Chum on Toast, bay-bee.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Aces Casino Dept. Of Nonsense: Top 5 Useless Pieces of Las Vegas Trivia to Stimulate The Mind

When you're a member of the Aces Casino Entertainment team, A.K.A. the top Orange County casino party company in Southern California, you find that you're never at a loss when it comes to mindless trivia.  I think that's why this Aces Casino Blog was created in the first place; it was management's way of channeling the world's largest supplier of goofy Las Vegas history and casino gaming information.  Trust me when I say that there's goofy trivia hiding in every nook and cranny of these offices.

You have to be careful around here when you go around asking the Aces team about some of their favorite Las Vegas trivia.  I think we started this quest some two weeks ago, and the submissions for this edition of the Aces Casino Blog are STILL coming in.  We probably should change the company motto from "Top Orange County casino night party company in SoCal" to "This Beats Working."  (Ed. Note: Actually, that IS the company motto.  It was a slogan given to us during an event in Anaheim by one of our long-time clients, who told us that "It's never working if you're doing what you love, and are good at doing it."  So true.)

Anyway, you want to talk about a tough job -- We had to pare the list of about 56 suggestions from our team down to five.  So, without further adieu (Now, I KNOW that's not a word), here are the top 5 pieces of useless yet interesting pieces of Las Vegas trivia, brought to you by Aces Casino, southern California's top orange county casino night party company....

#5 -- In 18th-Century British gaming parlors that featured an earlier version of the game of Craps, there was always one employee hired to do just one specific job -- If the gaming establishment was raided, his job was to swallow the dice, therefore hiding the evidence.  Now I know why the game's called 'Craps.'  I've been in games where it seemed that I had been waiting for a 'hard eight' for a long time, but that's ridiculous.

#4 -- You know about those lights on the top of those old slot machine that signal when a player needs to call an attendant?  That light on top is called a "candle," and that's not it's only function.  It also alerts players as to how much the minimum bet is at that particular machine.  The color 'red' means 5-cent minimums, 'yellow' signifies quarters, and 'blue' signifies a dollar minimum coin slot.

#3 -- (My Favorite) -- The U. S. Postal Service decided, in a moment of patriotism, that a Statue Of Liberty "forever" stamp should be commissioned.  The USPS asked for photo submissions to decide which image would be used for the special stamp, and the winning entry, submitted by a man named Raimund Linke, was declared the winner.  The stamp went to press to be printed and circulated late last year, to the tune of about 3 billion units.  His submission appears below...

  Lady Liberty.

Only one problem with the photo, however -- It ain't the Statue Of Liberty.  It's a picture of "Lady Liberty," the statue that appears out in front of the New York, New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Here's the link to the story that appeared in the L. A. Times back on "tax day," April 15th.  Oops.  Heck, if I knew the USPS was using Faux-pics of her, I'd have submitted my wife's Halloween pic of her, dressed as the Ellis Island icon.  And, no, I won't show THAT pic here.  I have to live with her, my friends.

#2 -- In Nevada, you can be hanged for shooting a neighbor's dog, when the dog is in his own yard.  Seriously.  Here's a link to some of the craziest laws in America, courtesy of one of our fellow blogspot bloggers.  Good thing Michael Vick hung up his "hobby."  Reminder: If there's a way for this Los Angeles casino party company to insert a fantasy football link, they'll do it.

Looks like laws regarding dogs are different in Vegas.

And the #1 piece of Las Vegas trivia from Aces Casino??  Did you know that there are 3 Las Vegas casino party companies that do business in the city of Las Vegas?  I remember long ago, one of our southern California clients hired us to do a convention for them in Las Vegas.. We thought it was so incredibly strange to take our team out to where the games were so plentiful, but we soon found out why they did it.   Simply for the same reason that our many clients hire us for their special events in California- They want the FUN of Las Vegas, without the chance of losing a lot of REAL money.

Sounds good to us.

Hey, before we depart, just a note: When we return on Tuesday, we'll be about one week away from our annual Fantasy Football draft.  That means it's time to dust off our computer, and talk some serious fantasy football.  (Ed. Note: Which means more time for the author to brag about his titles.  Oh, JOY...) 

Also, Tomorrow night (Aug. 20), The Buena Park High School Football boosters, "The Coyote Club," are throwing their very first casino night party over at the Buena Park Women's Club building, at 6711 Beach Blvd. in BP.  Dinner at 7pm, casino-style games at 8pm.  I'll be there, along with a lot of the crazies from the Aces Casino staff.  Come on down and join coach Anthony White, Coyote Club Prez Tom Chavez and V.P. Glen Stephens and a lot of great staff members and guests and help support a great cause.  Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aces Casino Dept: Of Nonsense: 5 Things You (Hopefully) Didn't Know About "Pawn Stars"

My friends, the toothpaste is out of the tube.

"What does THAT mean," you ask?  Simply this: The brass here at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party superstars of all things "virtual casino," have unwittingly opened up Pandora's Box, and given this goofy reporter "carte blance" is creating blog entries under the  heading, "Department Of Nonsense."

Tough break, Aces Casino brass.  Can't get THAT toothpaste back in the casino party tube.  If I don't have the greatest job in the world, I'd like to meet the people that do.  (Ed. Note: Great, MORE mail for me to sort through.)

So, since we're "up against the clock" in the ol' blog-posting biz, we thought it best to turn to our expertise in everything unusual, goofy and non-sensical.  Familiar territory, to be sure.

We mentioned in a prior post that our Aces Casino entourage was planning on visiting the infamous stars of the History Channel's hit TV show, "Pawn Stars"  in late July, something that we did actually do some 15 days ago.  Now, anyone that has seen the show KNOWS that the Pawn Stars (Rick Harrison, the Old Man, Hoss and especially Chumlee) can usually be counted on to come up with something fairly unusual to chat about or showcase...

 Hallowed Ground.

So, without further fanfare, here are "5 things that you (hopefully) didn't know about "Pawn Stars," brought to you by the kings of non-sense, the gang at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party entertainment team....

#1 -- If you're planning on actually going over to Las Vegas to see the Pawn Stars at their pawn shop location shown on their television show, you'll be in for a slight shock:  It's a total tourist trap.  The Gold and Silver Pawn, located at 713 N. Las Vegas Boulevard, is still a working pawn shop, but it's NOTHING like it looks on TV.  Most all day, there's a fairly long line that guests must stand in, outside, a sort of "waiting area."  Best time to come down and try to beat the lines?  Dinner time, between 5pm-to-7pm.

#2 -- We came down on Saturday, and found out (to no one's surprise) that none of the four Pawn Stars were there.  The building WAS open (it's 24 hours), but was fully manned by some of the employees that you don't see on the show.  Not even the regular bouncer was there the day we came down.  Biggest non-surprise concerning the staff that WAS there?  The employees are NOT interested in talking about the show, or any of the four stars.  One can imagine all the questions that they must field each and every day.  I understand.  Didn't wanna talk to them, anyway.

#3 -- The interior looks a little different in person than it does on TV.  On the show, there looks to be one area that Rick and the Old Man sit at quite a bit, and surprisingly, that area is not only blocked off, but no pictures of any kind are allowed to be shot in that area.  No big loss.... Important sighting in the shop:  If you're looking for souvenirs to purchase to commemorate your visit to the Pawn Stars location, you will NOT be disappointed.  They'll sell you EVERYTHING here, courtesy of the Old Man, no doubt.  T-Shirts, hats, bracelets, posters, and even their own Pawn Stars bottled water.  I kid you not.  The ol' man must be SMILING, wherever he is, right this second. 

Souvenirs, anyone?  (No, I didn't BUY anything!)

#4 -- How popular is the Gold and Silver Pawn as one of the latest tourist attractions in Glitter Gulch?  Here's how popular -- The building has a Taxi Stand, manned with quite a few taxis outside.  I don't know why this surprised me, but it did.  Ahh, the fame of television.  Interesting note: While we were there, a taxi was either arriving or departing from the Pawn Stars location every three or four minutes.  I kid you not.  On Saturday night.  At 7pm.

#5 -- From the "Division of Alpha Males:"  The interior is incredibly filthy.  Remember the chair that Rick Harrison bought from the gentleman that brought in Senator Pat McCarren's official Senate seat?  Two things....1) There's a price tag on the chair, for $60,000.  SIXTY GRAND.  2) The chair, this piece of furniture that's selling for a cool sixty grand, is dustier than the Ark of the Covenant in the movie, "Raiders Of The Lost Ark."  As a matter of fact, EVERYTHING'S dusty in there.  One of our team members brought up the fact that everything has a price tag on it, including rare antiquities.  Sticky, goofy-looking price tags.  Upon noticing this, she wondered out loud, "Wouldn't those sticky tags be tough to get off, and lower the values of the items?"  Good question, Teresa.....

Well, folks, there you have it.  Five quick, unflattering blurbs (hey, we still loved seeing all of it) about our official visit to the Pawn Stars.  But, for those of you that are loyal blog followers of the Aces Casino Blog, and love to read this Orange County casino party company's goofy, irreverent blog twice a week, we have a special treat for you - A picture of our favorite item seen during our visit to the Pawn Stars location: In one of their many jewelry cases, we spotted it --

"Chumlee on toast."

First, the Runaway Bride, and now, THIS.

There it is, folks, something that you won't see ANYWHERE else.  That's right, the Los Angeles casino party kingpin has done it again, bringing our readers the best in nonsense.  Remember, you saw it here, first.  Thanks for you time, we'll see you again on Friday with another scintillating blog entry.  Have a good week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Aces Casino Dept. Of Nonsense: Here's Five Things That You (Hopefully) Didn't Know About Dice

Here at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party leaders, we have always gone the extra mile to give our many readers a truly unique look at the casino games, people, and situations that we love.  We do it not because our company pays for mileage (don't I wish), but because you, the paying customer, demand it.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  We've ASKED, but, well, you know the deal.  Bottom line: we just LOVE games.  Games of ALL kinds and varieties.  It doesn't matter to us how nutty the game is.  The nuttier, the better, I always say.  (Ed. Note: One of his finer sayings, which isn't saying much.)

And, by FAR, one of the nuttiest games in the casino has to be the game of Craps. The noise, the casino-like sound of the chips in play, the stickman and his banter, the superstitions and rituals, the colorful slang, and, often, equally colorful swear words.  You're just not a true Craps player if you haven't uttered one of the seven truly evil curse words.  Yeah, I admit it.  I'm a member of that clan, also.

At the center of any craps game are the most important pieces of the game - the dice.  (That is, unless you're stuck at one of those California Indian casinos playing "Card Craps."  We'll save THAT for another blog.)  So, in true Aces Casino style, as only this Orange County casino night party kingpin (and a few others too numerous to mention) can provide, here are five useless things you probably didn’t know about those dice in your hand, in no particular order...

1. The pattern of the number five on standard casino dice (four spots in a square shape, with one spot in the middle) is called (are you ready?) a “quincunx.” Trust us, we proofread the supposed correct spelling 1,892 times.  Next time you want to bet a "hard ten" at the Craps table, throw a nickel to the stick, and ask him to bet the "Double Quincunx."  I dare ya.  If he/she knows what you're talking about, I'm officially under-educated.

  One problem - Finding the plural of "Quincunx."  Don't ask.

2. Casino dice are three-quarters of an inch on each side and are perfect cubes.  Unless I'M throwing them, you understand.  Then, they turn from perfect cubes into the "quincunxes of death."  (Gee, I hope that's the correct pluralization.  If not, sue me.)  Take my advice -- When I'M shootin', bet the "Don't."  You know the old adage: Those that Can, Do, and those that CAN'T work for our Orange County casino party company.

3. Dice haven’t always gotten the love and respect they deserve. In fact, scholars uncovered a document from the 1500s titled, “A Manifest Detection of the Most Vile and Detestable Use of Dice Play.” Gee, I wish you'd quit beating around the bush and tell us what you REALLY think about those dice, Mr. Walker.  I got an Aces Casino dollar that says HE'S uttered a few of those seven swear words at some 1500's-style Craps table.

4. Craps Engineering 101: The spots on those famous dice are drilled exactly 17/1,000th of an inch deep, then filled with paint that weighs exactly as much as the material removed from the spots.  It's official: The "Boxman" has too much time on his hands.  I'll probably get mail for this, but if the dice are off by another 1,000th of an inch here or there, is there REALLY an available betting bias to be exploited?  (Ed. Note: I'm glad it's not MY e-mailbox.  Good luck, but get that Tuesday blog ready, just in case your e-box is loaded with attacks from qualified mathematicians.)

5. Only three sides of casino dice are visible to you at any one time.  No problem there.  I've seen those other three sides at more than 2,000 Los Angeles casino party set-ups over the years, and they're just as ugly as the first three sides.  Bonus useless trivia:  They call it "the dark side of the moon" because the Moon NEVER has the rays of the sun illuminate it.  Who says this Orange County casino night party company doesn't go the extra mile?  We minored in the Solar System in college (at least, that's what the guy that I paid to attend my classes for 2 months tells me).

So much for the utter nonsense about dice.  Hope you liked it.... It was suggested by one of our crack Aces Casino staff members.  We'll be back on Tuesday with another "scintillating" blog that will chronicle our recent visit to the "set" of the "Pawn Stars."  Have a good weekend, and we'll see ya later!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aces Casino Blog "What's New in Vegas" Volume 1: IGT Debuts "Little Shop Of Horrors" Slot Machine

To steal a line from the movie, "Poltergeist"......

"They're BA-AAACK."

That's right, my friends: The Aces Casino Blog team is finally back from their 13-day sabbatical in Idaho, and, if you ask the management of the Orange County casino party leaders, the return is not a moment too soon.   And, before we go any further, we'd like to give a shout-out of our heartfelt thanks to all of you out there that sent kind words and e-mails about how much you enjoy reading our irreverent, dopey blog each and every week while we were all on vacation.

You guys and gals are really fantastic, and we PROMISE you that your perseverance that got you through all of our blog re-runs in the last 14 days will be paid back "in spades" when we chronicle all of our wacky happenings while on the road to Idaho.  You won't believe it, trust me.  You KNOW that things happen when we're dragged out of our casino party comfort zone, and believe me, things happened.  The BAD news?   All of that craziness will be covered in subsequent editions of the Aces Casino Blog, later.

Now, The GOOD news -- When you drive to Idaho, you just HAVE to drive through Las Vegas, don't you?    Uhhh, yep... And, if you're going to drag me to Mackay, Idaho for two weeks for some goofy fishing trip disguised as a family reunion, you KNOW that THIS orange county casino night guy is just going to HAVE to spend a little time in "Glitter Gulch" before I eventually move on to potato-land.

It's a given.  Hey, I can write some of this off, can't I?  I'm doing research for Aces Casino, the Los Angeles casino party company leaders.  Some bloggers are takers.  Not ME....I'm a giver.  I'm stopping in Las Vegas to work, friends.  Believe me.  (Grin.)  (Ed. Note: And, if you believe that, he has some desert property in Arizona to sell you.)

So, after dropping off the family at their hotel at the Orleans (they went to the movies, and didn't want me to go with.  They say I add my own dialogue to the movie out loud, for all to hear.  Guilty as charged.), I'm off to find some of the latest toys and games in Las Vegas.  I sit down at one of the bars inside the hotel (the Alligator Bar, I believe), and quickly strike up a chat with a gentleman sitting next to me.

During this discussion, I discover he's a "local" (someone who lives in Vegas), so I ask him if he knows of any new additions to the casino gaming scene, and he informs me that there's a new slot machine over at Sam's Town called "Little Shop Of Horrors," a machine whose theme is directly based on the movie and/play of the same name.  He tells me it's really something, so, upon hearing this, I down the rest of my drink, and head out to Sam's Town to see this new 3-D slot...


If THIS is the future of casino slots, the future is VERY bright, indeed.  Now, remember, this Orange County casino party guy is "stuck in the 70's."  I have always liked the true three-or-four-reel traditional slots, the mechanical marvels of the 20th Century.  But, for an electronic display-type of machine, this thig is really something.

IGT’s Little Shop of Horrors slot machine features three-dimensional, man-eating Venus flytraps that grow from the reels’ edges and base. The reel set is hexagonal, with five symbols in the middle reel, four on the second and fourth reels, and three on the outer reels. It is also has a "Tumbling Reels" feature, which adds to winning combinations as the winning symbols disappear and new reel spots tumble into place.
'Feed Me!"

The symbols are based on the play’s original characters; Seymour (the nerdy young florist shop assistant - Remember Rick Moranis in that movie role?) rolls his eyes and scratches his head; Audrey (a sweet, quiet, ditsy and insecure co-worker) winks and throws kisses; Orin (Audrey’s abusive and sadistic dentist boyfriend) smirks and waves his dental equipment around and Mr. Mushnik (the penny-pinching owner of the Flower Shop) throws money.  I wish the owner of Aces Casino would throw money at us, but I digress.  (Ed. Note: Didn't take long for the first digression to appear in the blog, did it?)

The Tumbling Reels game play occurs whenever the plant symbol appears on the center reel in a winning combination. All symbols that are in a winning combination disappear and new ones fall into place. The plant then tumbles to the bottom of the center reel and continues to grow larger each time it is part of a winning combination. 

The plants say, "Feed me," accompanied by loud-crunching. If it gets to be full size (after four tumbles), you get the "Pick a Bud" bonus feature. During this bonus seven or eight "buds" appear and you choose one. The prizes can be more credits, a multiplier of the win, or a free games feature. In the free-spin round, extra symbols turn wild, and the Venus plants crunch away. Each time the plant grows to full size, the player gets more free games and additional symbols turn wild.

The 3-D graphics and sounds are great.  This particular machine was of the 25c variety, with a five-coin maximum play.  I got into the "Bonus" play quite a few times, and after playing for about 20 minutes, I ended up a winner of some $38, all of which was earned during a $45 jackpot round that occurred earlier in the session.  Yeah, I never know when to quit, but once you learn how this game operates and displays the five reels, It's a heckuva lot of fun.  

I saw quite a few machines on the casino floor that were also a blast to play (we'll touch on them in later blog editions), but for my money, "Little Shop Of Horrors" was a big hit and a HUGE surprise.  Hey, even this Orange County casino night blogger that rarely approves of new gaming technology in the industry has to tip his ol' hat.  For IGT's "Little Shop of Horrors" slot machine series, we give four stars out of five.  (I'd give it five, but I didn't win the big jackpot during the testing.  Hey, sue me.  I'm shallow.)

That's all for now, blog-buddies.  We'll be back on Friday with (hopefully) our first report of just how nutty a two-week car drive to Idaho can get.  We must have at LEAST seven stories of our exploits on the road and the many colorful people we met and the situations we encountered along the way, and I'll give you a hint about one of them -- When we stayed in Idaho, we didn't stay in hotel rooms.  We stayed in a TENT.  IN IDAHO.  IN THE RAIN.  EVERY NIGHT.  Oh, GEE, you KNOW how much I LOVE tents.  (Bleh.)  

Hilarity ensued, believe me.  You'll get all the unedited poop on that trip, as well as other topics in later blog entries, like the trip our Orange County casino night party team took to Calabasas to see the Kardashians in their natural habitat some 3 months ago, a story we haven't shared yet.  We've also got the upcoming 2011 Fantasy Football season to yak about, including our takes on our league's draft coming up in three weeks.  Believe me, we've got a lot of meaningless info to report.  It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Someone like me.  

I love working for a company whose motto is, "This Beats Working." 

It sure does, my friends.  It sure does.