Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year from Aces Casino! (And THAT Means March Madness Isn't Too Far Away!)

 It seems like only yesterday that we here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino night leader, were embarking on "Day One" of our newest blog, the "Aces Casino Blog."  (Actually, it was seven months ago, but I digress.)  Now, suddenly, the end of another great year of orange county casino party events is upon us, and it's time to think about not only the crazy New Years' Eve events that we'll be assisting with, but the coming 2011 year as well.

Aces Casino is going to be turning up the heat in 2011 with the emphasis on fund raising when some of the most deserved charities team up with the orange county casino night giant this year.  Among the charitable organizations on the Aces Casino schedule this year are the Boy Scouts of America, the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra, the Knights of Columbus and the United Way.  Not to be outdone, private events will also take center stage when Aces Casino returns to visit clients such as Florentines' Restaurant, THP, AIMCO and K-1 Speed.

Uh-oh.... Hold on just a minute -- There's still a small piece of 2010 to take care of, and what better way than the orange county casino party leader to do just that then a big celebration on New Years' Eve!  That's right, friends of Aces Casino -- New Years' Eve will be ROCKIN' this coming Friday night, so check with Aces for their latest event schedule to find out just where the orange county casino night leaders will be this weekend!

Well, that's all for now.  To all of our many New Years' clients, we say "we'll see you on Friday," and for those clients already on or planning to book soon on our Aces Casino event calendar, we say "thank you so much for all of your return business.  We wouldn't be number ONE in the Southern California area without your loyal support.  Take care, happy a happy and safe New Years' Eve, and may 2011 be the best year EVER!"

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