Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aces Casino Fantasy Football: Week One

 Just because Aces Casino is the top orange county casino party company in Southern California doesn't mean that we don't care about our fantasy football, too.  It seems that more than a few people are showing interest in just what happens in our fantasy football league, so we promise that we'll update our results every week, so all of our fans can get THEIR 'fix' as well. 

So, by popular demand, here is the "Week One Edition" of the DFFL, our top fantasy football league.  Enjoy, courtesy of Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leader.....

Aces Casino Fantasy Football Highlights - Week One!

Run&Gun takes command in Sales Division with convincing 138-49 victory over Norsemen; ’09 Champion FTP squeaks by the ‘Squadron,’ 75-55; MGL blasts division rival Grim Reaper 102-79; Expansion Team Burbank ‘thumps’ YNH, 83-67; HF-XLV, Bolts post week one wins


That’s right, my friends.  The Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League is off and running with a brand new season, and if the Week One results are any indication of what we’re in store for, you’d best fasten your seat belts; It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

The opening week of the 2010 DFFL had it all; Three of the four semi-finalists from last years’ playoffs posted big wins, and three teams that started slowly LAST season reversed that trend THIS season.  Among the top stories of the DFFL’s inaugural weekend, we had one of the top rivalries in the league post a record-setting performance, two DFFL employees that decided to take turns to find out who actually wanted to WIN their game, and a remake of the hit film, “The Grim Reaper Meets The Auto-Drafter” – All this and more, as we take a quick look at the Week One Action in the Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League!

We start our weekly recap in the Sales Division, where the DFFL schedule-maker seemed to have a sense of humor when creating the 2010 DFFL calendar.  Dunn-Ed Week One would see one of the biggest rivalry games in our league take place, when Rob Mielke’s Norsemen took on Father-In-Law Ron Bolton, and Run&Gun.  After seeing this one on the sched, we knew this game would have fireworks, but NEVER anything like THIS.  Rob’s Norse Crew would hit the field first on Thursday night with FOUR different Minnesota Viking players taking the field, hoping to build a big lead and run away from their arch-rival three days before R&G would have a chance to respond.

Alas, ‘twas not to be.

The “Fearsome Foursome” of Favre, Peterson, Harvin and the Viking DST ended all the expectations of a barn-burner in-waiting when they teamed up and posted a grand total of 21, yes, 21 points TOTAL.  Ron Bolton had to be smiling after that Saints/Vikes Thursday-nighter, and when Sunday rolled around, the smile got even wider.

When Run&Gun was through for the day, they ended up posting the 5th-highest point total in DFFL history, a whopping 138 points on the day, blowing out the Norsemen by 89 points, 138-49.  The margin of victory also set a record for the 4th-highest margin of victory in league history, thanks to the combined efforts of 7 different players, including Chris Johnson’s 27 points v. the Raiders on Sunday.  With the win, Ron’s ‘Gunners definitely made a statement to the rest of the league – “We’re back, and we’re even better than ever.”  I’m a believer.  Next week, the Gunners take on Ben Miller’s “Your Name Here,” while the Norsemen try to bounce back in Week Two against another divisional opponent, facing Andy Gillette and the 0-1 Trojans.


Speaking of the Trojans, Andy Gillette’s team opened up their 2010 DFFL campaign against Jim Francis and the Bolts, a game that featured two of the three ex-DFFL Champions, looking for a big win to start the season off right.  This one ended up being one of the better games of the Week One sched, but for all the wrong reasons.  Of the 18 players that started between the two teams, only SIX of the players posted double-digit point totals on the day, with TEN of the remaining 12 scheduled players posting an anemic four points or less. 

The score was 52-36 Bolts going into Monday night, with the Trojans holding back FOUR Monday-night scoring threats.  Things looked bad for the Bolts…Until the games started.  The Trojan foursome would end up adding (Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Mr. Mielke) only 21 21 more points between them, and when the Ravens posted their 13-point DST total, it (and Marcedes Lewis) put the Bolts eventually over the top with the win over the Trojans, 65-57.  Hey, if Jim was here right now, he’d be saying “a win is a win,” and he’s right – With the victory, the Bolts start off the season at 1-0, with a game next week against the expansion Burbank Thumpers waiting in the wings.  The traditionally slow-starting Trojans drop to 0-1 early on, and will be facing the aforementioned Norsemen in a key division matchup. 


Touching on the other four DFFL games quickly……. The expansion Burbank Thumpers beat perennial DFFL power Ben Miller and Your Name Here, 83-67, thanks to the efforts of Monday-night star Jamaal Charles and his 16 late points…… Young Guns division saw Robert Abundis and his “HF-XLV” (I just love abbreviations!) defeat Grant Herman and the Baltimore Ravens, 105-84 to take the early lead in what should be an entertaining divisional race……. 2009 DFFL Champion Full Tilt Poker limped to a lackluster 75-55 win over Jesus Cortez and the “J-Squad, no thanks to their bench, which will SURELY get totally toasted in tomorrow’s “What Was I THINKING” Week-One edition……..2009 DFFL Semi-finalist Anthony “The Auto-Drafter” Pitassi rode the Brady-OchoCinco connection to an easy 102-79 win over Alan Sullivan and the Grim Reaper to begin the season 1-0.  Next week, the Reaper gets FTP in a rematch of one of the more exciting regular-season games of the 2009 season, while MGL takes on the Ravens….

That’s all for now, friends…..Remember, Tuesday night at Midnight is when the waiver requests get processed by the league waiver system, so make your selections early, and watch for the fireworks sometime Wednesday morning.  Any questions?  Drop me a line, I’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions, with the help of our commish..

Reminder – This is the Tuesday DFFL Newsletter that you’ll be receiving every week during the season, but wait--- there’s so much MORE!  You’ll also be getting e-mails from the league on Wednesday, with both the 2010 DFFL Power Rankings along with our irreverent “What Was I THINKING” lampoon-a-thon.  Then, on Friday, it’s time to take a quick look at the upcoming Week Two games with our “Games Of The Week” non-sense, the issue that analyzes the top games of the upcoming schedule.  Congrats to all of our winners, and “We’ll see you tomorrow!” 

That's all for today from Aces Casino, the #1 orange county casino party company in Southern California.  Check in with us later this week as we provide more news about both the orange county casino rental business, as well as our fantasy football news, later this week.  Have a good day, and call us if you have any questions about YOUR next event!  Take care for now!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Aces Casino Fantasy Football Addiction #3: Let's Take A Look At The 2010 Dunn-Edwards League

  Just because Aces Casino is the top orange county casino party company in Southern California doesn't mean that we don't care about our fantasy football, too.  It seems that more than a few people are showing interest in just what happens in our fantasy football league, so we promise that we'll update our results every week, so all of our fans can get THEIR 'fix' as well. 

So, by popular demand, here is the "kickoff edition" of the DFFL, our top fantasy football league.  Enjoy, courtesy of Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leader.....

Is it POSSIBLE?  Is baseball season almost OVER?  Well, friends, with the DFFL player draft in the rear-view mirror and the calendar in the house telling us that it’s already the first week of September, this can only mean one thing – It’s time for the 2010 Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League season to begin!

The National Football League regular season is just five short days away, and the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings are already putting the finishing touches on their game plans as they prepare to face each other in the annual NFL Thursday Kickoff Classic.  (That reminds me – Make sure and adjust your rosters early to allow for the Thursday game next week…Grin)

This year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting DFFL seasons ever, with 12 solid team owners stepping up to take on the challenge of becoming the next 2010 Dunn-Ed Champion.  So, before the season gets underway, we thought this might be a good time to take a look at the new four-division alignment, and how each of the teams shape up as they head into this 2010 campaign.  So, without further adieu, here are some predictions as to how things might look in the 2010 DFFL season…..


Placentia Bolts – After missing the playoffs for the first time in their history, the Bolts look to rebound in 2010 in their new division.  2010 Outlook – Owner Jim Francis looks to be getting back to basics with a three-man RB-tandem, with 3 of the top RB’s in fantasy football.  How he got Michael Turner, Ryan Grant and Jonathan Stewart in the same draft class is surprising, and sure to cause some pain in the DFFL.  Draft Sleeper – Keep an eye on Jahvid Best.  If he stays healthy, it’ll be yet another steal for the Commish.  Prediction – The Bolts look to return to the DFFL playoffs this year with this team.  Pencil these guys in as Combo Division champs in ’10.

Your Name HereSuper-auto-drafter Ben Miller renews his rivalry with the Bolts in the Combo Division, as YNH looks to return to the 2010 DFFL playoffs.  2010 Outlook – The Nameless Wonders are taking a different approach to point-scoring for 2010, going with high-octane WR’s Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, and Marques Colston as their trio of wideouts, all catching the football via 2009’s league MVP, Aaron Rodgers.  Draft Sleeper – Zach Miller might end up replacing Ben’s OTHER Miller, TE Heath Miller, as the season progresses.  Prediction – Tough fighting the Bolts and the Thumpers for position is this division, but Ben usually gets the job done.  2nd place and a playoff spot not out of the question for the “Invisible Man” of the DFFL.

Burbank Thumpers (Expansion Team) – The new kid on the block, Jose Cano, has decided to risk life and limb and join the DFFL for the 2010 campaign.   (Welcome to Jose, BTW.)  His reward – Drawing the Bolts and YNH as divisional rivals.  The team was originally auto-drafted, but Jose has already added his personal touch to the team via the waiver wire, and looks to be ready to go this season.  2010 Outlook – Andre Johnson, Vernon Davis, Jamaal Charles and Steven Jackson are here to make the Combo Division a whole lot of fun, and severely test the other two teams.  Draft Sleeper – Look for Fred Jackson to bounce back from his pre-season injury, and give the Thumpers a big-time rushing attack.  Prediction – Tough draw in this division.  Needs to at least split the divisional games to be a factor here, and that’s a difficult task, to say the least.


Norsemen – First off, let me say that, without QUESTION, THIS division is LOADED with talent.  That said, Rob Mielke looks like he’s following in the Placentia Bolts footsteps, and will be signaling his return to the DFFL spotlight with this VERY strong team.  2010 Outlook – Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Randy Moss, Percy Harvin, and the Vikes’ DST?  These ARE the Norsemen.  This team has SEVEN legitimate top-ten players in it’s lineup, and is packed with punch.  You’ve been warned.  Draft Sleeper – The Norsemen ALSO have two legit backup RB’s on the roster, with Cadillac Williams and Chester Taylor waiting in the wings.  Nice late draft for Rob, as is his usual, come draft-time.  Prediction – The only thing that’ll stop the Norsemen is that ugly divisional draw.  Might be the best team in the league, look for these Norse Guys to return to the playoffs in 2010.

Run&Gun – Ron Bolton’s latest DFFL edition is business as usual for our “friend of the newsletter.”  Bolton’s ‘Gunners have, get this, FIVE top-five rated players starting for HIS team, week-in and week-out.  2010 Outlook – VERY rosy.  Tony Romo, Miles Austin, Chris Johnson, Dallas Clark, Stephen Gostkowski and the Eagles’ DST?  Are you KIDDING ME?  Who allowed this to happen?  Next year, I vote ‘NO’ to all auto-drafts.  (Grin)  Draft Sleeper – Darren Sproles will make some poor team wince, when he returns a few kicks for TD’s this season.  Prediction – In ANY other division, this team would be favored.  The divisional games here will tell the tale, but Run&Gun looks like a sure-fire playoff team for the third straight DFFL season, if not Sales Division champion in 2010.

Trojans – 2008 DFFL Champion Andy Gillette must’ve angered the fantasy football gods, getting lumped in with the ultimate division rivals in this group.  But, as usual, Andy’s armed to the teeth himself for the ’10 campaign.  2010 Outlook – Drew Brees, a three-headed monster at RB, Brent Celek and the Jets’ DST signal future headaches for DFFL opponents this year.  Draft Sleeper – Johnny Know and Thomas Jones will provide some much-needed depth to the Trojan Horse’s attack.  Prediction – Could all three of the Sales Division teams make the DFFL playoffs in 2010?  Don’t rule it out, friends.  The Trojans MUST perform well in division play to make it happen, but they’ve done it in the past.  The Sales Division should sell MMA tickets, it’s going to be rough for all three of these teams this season.

Is, Was, and Never Was Division

Full Tilt PokerThe defending Dunn-Edwards Fantasy Football League champions find themselves in a brand new division with some not-so-new opponents, but enter 2010 with another monster team that is looking to do the un-thinkable – return to the DFFL Championship Game for a record third straight season.  2010 Outlook – FTP sports what might be the best four-man RB rotation in the league, with Arian Foster and Ronnie Brown joining long- time Full Tilt members Ray Rice and Pierre Thomas, two of the main reasons this team won the title in 2009.  Joe Flacco, Steve Smith (Carolina), Antonio Gates and the 49ers’ DST all look to add to the point totals of another strong FTP edition.  Draft Sleeper – in 2008, FTP got Michael Turner in the 7th round.  In 2009, they got Ray Rice.  THIS year, Full Tilt is calling Steeler WR Mike Wallace the ultimate late-round draft-pick.  If history repeats itself, look for Wallace to put up BIG numbers in the NFL this year.  Prediction – Facing MGL and the Grim Reaper twice a year won’t be fun, but look for Full Tilt Poker to return to the DFFL post-season again in 2010.  (Ed. note: This team is the author's, also known as the guy behind the orange county casino rental giant, Aces Casino.  Shameless plug, we know.)

Mr. Go Lucky – Anthony Pitassi’s 2009 edition of MGL made it all the way to the DFFL Championship game last year, and came within an eyelash of winning the title outright.  This season, their ’09 title-game nemesis, FTP, is in their own division.  Let the fun begin.  2010 Outlook – Another loaded auto-draft team awaits MGL’s opponents in 2010, with Tom Brady, Maurice Jones-Drew, Chad “85” Ocho-Cinco and Knowshon Moreno creating havoc in the division.  Draft Sleeper – Look for new-starter Steve Breaston and waiver-acquisition Dexter McCluster to add to the pain of opponents in 2010  Both of these players may cause other team owners to regret not pulling the trigger on a deal before Anthony did.   Prediction – MGL HAS to be effective within their own division and hold their own when they play the other divisions to qualify for the DFFL Playoffs.  Don’t be surprised if this team does just that….

Grim Reaper – Alan Sullivan’s 2010 DFFL draft was without question his best draft in their history, making this years’ edition of the Grim Reaper even MORE of a problem for opponents in the upcoming Dunn-Edwards season.  2010 Outlook – Finally, this Buffalo Bills’ fan has something to fight with, and Sullivan’s selection of C. J. Spiller was a harbinger of mock drafts-to-come.  Spiller’s the real deal, and along with Philip Rivers, Ahmad Bradshaw, Anquan Boldin and Chris Cooley, the Grim Reaper looks to be ready to make it’s mark in the 2010 DFFL season.  Draft Sleeper – Santonio Holmes and LaDainian Tomlinson as late-round picks?  Ouch.  That’s going to leave a mark on a few opponents this season.  Prediction -  This team showed signs of life in 2009 when they beat Full Tilt Poker in their regular-season match last year. This year, the Grim Reaper may just take that next step  to the DFFL Playoffs.

Young Guns Division

J-Squad – 2009 saw Jesus Cortez’s “J-Squad” go the the DFFL Playoffs for the first time in their history, and this season, they look to pull off a repeat performance in their new home, the Young Guns division.  2010 Outlook – Definitely the early favorite in the division, with names like Roddy White, Cedric Benson, Matt Schaub, Micheal Crabtree and JerMichael Finley appearing on the Squadron’s roster.  Draft Sleeper – Justin Forsett fell way too far down in this draft, and should turn out to be an excellent value pick for Jesus’ team.  Prediction – Look for Jesus’ “Squadron to be the consensus selection for the division title amongst all of these whippersnappers.  Might be Jesus’ best draft ever, by far.

Baltimore Ravens – The 2010 DFFL season will be team owner Grant Herman’s first full Dunn-Ed season, and if the League’s player draft is any indication, this 12-year-old football fan looks to be ready for action this season.  2010 Outlook – The Ravens will attack their opponents with a team as young as he is.  NFL’ers Matt Forte, Ryan Matthews, Visanthe Shiancoe, Larry Fitzgerald and DeSean Jackson will carry the mail for these dirty birds in 2010.  Draft Sleeper – Dez Bryant looks to be the man that’ll cause headaches for opposing team owners this year, a great value pick in the late rounds of the draft.  Prediction – The Ravens will need all of their draft picks to perform at maximum level to get the job done in the 2010 DFFL campaign, but stealing waiver notes from his father (FTP Owner) will help him with future roster moves.  (I gotta get a new password for my computer.)

Home Field XLV – Robert Abundis’ second year in league play finds him in the appropriately-named “Young Guns” division, and this season, it looks like this Dallas Cowboy fan is ready to take that next step to the playoffs.  2010 Outlook – Wow.  Peyton Manning, Frank Gore, Joseph Addai, Greg Jennings, Tony Gonzalez, and Marion Barber signal BIG probs for ’10 opponents of this wanna-be Jerry Jones.  Draft Sleeper – Derrick Mason may be as old as I am, but he may be the late-round steal of the draft.  Darren McFadden might steal that title from Mason, if he lives up to his potential.  Prediction – This team could challenge for the division title and DFFL Playoff spot.  Big divisional matchups in the first three weeks for HF45 will tell us just how far Robert’s team will jump, this season.  

Now, courtesy of the orange county casino night leader, a few news tidbits from around our DFFL......


News And Notes from the DFFL Newsletter

n      Boy, this 2010 season is NOTHING like past seasons, when it comes to the trading market.  Two trades have already been made in the 2010 season.  It took three years to make two trades, in the past.  That, and this reporter has already had TWO trades declined!  It’s a new day in the DFFL, my friends.  Look for more deals to be springing up very soon.

Speaking of deals, the first trade made AFTER draft day was consummated earlier today, when the Ravens traded Laurent Robinson to Full Tilt Poker for Bernard Berrian.  Ed. Note: This is “Exhibit A” of what looks to be a recurring trend in the DFFL – Theft of notes from this reporter.  FTP was all ready to pick up Robinson from the waiver wire after dealing Berrian to the Norsemen, but the deal fell thru.  Grant Herman, ever the thief, saw FTP’s notes in regards to this possible deal, and picked up Robinson before the deal came off.  I have to keep an eye on that lil’ varmint…. (grin)

n      Lots of late wheeling and dealing in the NFL, as the pre-season comes to an end.  Some of these late deals may signal what these fringe players might be worth down the line.  Can’t wait for the season to begin….

The Norsemen might be bad luck for some of the NFL talent at Running back, if the waiver wire means anything.  First, Rob drafts Larry Johnson, then drops him for Michael Bush.  Then, Bush fractures his thumb, causing the Norsemen to go back to the wire, picking up Chester Taylor and dropping Bush.  If I was Taylor, I’d carry a four-leaf clover and a horseshoe, if you know what I mean….

n      What the Norsemen are to Running backs, the Bolts are to WR’s.  On draft-day, the Bolts traded for Jabar Gaffney, and instantly dropped him for Golden Tate.  Then, the next day, the Bolts drop Tate, and pick up Josh Morgan.  Nope, no good: One day later, Morgan’s out, and Jacoby Jones is in.  That was eight days ago.  Jacoby, don’t unpack just yet, Jim looks like he’s thinking of making another deal.  (I should talk…LOL)

OK, DFFL fans, that’s all for now.  Because it’s the first week of the Dunn-Ed season, the first DFFL Newsletter may not go out until Thursday/Friday of next week.  Keep an eye out for that, and make sure to add me on your “Safe Sender’s List” for 2010.  Take care, have a good weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

And, thanks to the orange county casino night Juggernaut known as Aces Casino, our job is done as well.  Keep an  eye out later this week for more on the greatest orange county casino rental company in the business and the happenings in our industry, straight from Aces Casino!