Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aces Casino Fantasy Football Addiction #2: "Somebody Close The Window, I feel a draft!"

Attention to all of our many clients and vendors in the orange county casino party area -- The Aces Casino Fantasy Football League Draft is OVER!  Everyone's teams are set, let the trash-talking begin!  And the best news of all?  That blasted draft board is out of my office, and I can finally see the event calendar!  (Applause)

Aces Casino has always participated in these draft events since I can remember, but every piece of football biz always takes place on Sunday, when the offices are closed.  Now that it's the last week of August, there are more important things to think about; namely, CASINO PARTIES!

When the leader in orange county casino party rentals says "parties," we mean PARTIES!  the Aces Casino event calendar (now that I can actually SEE it) is filling up fast, with all KINDS of events showing up for the end of our 2010 season.  Anyone looking for that special type of entertainment for their next special get-together should look no further than Aces Casino!

Whether you're looking for a casino party for a holiday event, a special in-home birthday party, or an important fund raiser for your club, school, or organization, Aces Casino is the one to turn to for that touch of entertainment class.

And remember, Aces Casino is not just an orange county casino party company; we also serve the los angeles casino party area as well, not to mention our friends in the Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego areas as well.  In just this 2010 season, Aces Casino has been as far north as Bakersfield, and as far south as Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  There isn't anywhere we won't go!

While we're on the subject of casino parties, here's a note to all of our clients -- December is a CRAZY month for Aces Casino.  Our December event calendar fills up FAST.... We're one of the top orange county casino party companies in the industry, but even Aces Casino will run out of equipment and personnel for weekend events.  Important tip - If you're even considering a casino party in December, please give us a call right away  We'd love to have your event on our event calendar, so make that call today!

Oh, and before we go, one small blurb from the los angeles casino party leader -- We're NOT trading Ray Rice, so stop calling us for that!  (We DO need a quarterback, though, but remember, only call us for fantasy football info on Sunday.)

See?  What did I tell you?  Fantasy football is addicting.  Take it from the orange county casino party juggernaut;  Working on all of our southern California casino party clients is one of the best jobs in the world, and being the defending Aces Casino fantasy football champion is pretty cool, too.  (Shamless fantasy plug, I know.)  Take care, all of our clients and friends, and call us with any and all questions about the casino party industry that you can think of.  That's what Aces Casino is here for!

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