Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aces Casino Fantasy Football Addiction #2: "Somebody Close The Window, I feel a draft!"

Attention to all of our many clients and vendors in the orange county casino party area -- The Aces Casino Fantasy Football League Draft is OVER!  Everyone's teams are set, let the trash-talking begin!  And the best news of all?  That blasted draft board is out of my office, and I can finally see the event calendar!  (Applause)

Aces Casino has always participated in these draft events since I can remember, but every piece of football biz always takes place on Sunday, when the offices are closed.  Now that it's the last week of August, there are more important things to think about; namely, CASINO PARTIES!

When the leader in orange county casino party rentals says "parties," we mean PARTIES!  the Aces Casino event calendar (now that I can actually SEE it) is filling up fast, with all KINDS of events showing up for the end of our 2010 season.  Anyone looking for that special type of entertainment for their next special get-together should look no further than Aces Casino!

Whether you're looking for a casino party for a holiday event, a special in-home birthday party, or an important fund raiser for your club, school, or organization, Aces Casino is the one to turn to for that touch of entertainment class.

And remember, Aces Casino is not just an orange county casino party company; we also serve the los angeles casino party area as well, not to mention our friends in the Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego areas as well.  In just this 2010 season, Aces Casino has been as far north as Bakersfield, and as far south as Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  There isn't anywhere we won't go!

While we're on the subject of casino parties, here's a note to all of our clients -- December is a CRAZY month for Aces Casino.  Our December event calendar fills up FAST.... We're one of the top orange county casino party companies in the industry, but even Aces Casino will run out of equipment and personnel for weekend events.  Important tip - If you're even considering a casino party in December, please give us a call right away  We'd love to have your event on our event calendar, so make that call today!

Oh, and before we go, one small blurb from the los angeles casino party leader -- We're NOT trading Ray Rice, so stop calling us for that!  (We DO need a quarterback, though, but remember, only call us for fantasy football info on Sunday.)

See?  What did I tell you?  Fantasy football is addicting.  Take it from the orange county casino party juggernaut;  Working on all of our southern California casino party clients is one of the best jobs in the world, and being the defending Aces Casino fantasy football champion is pretty cool, too.  (Shamless fantasy plug, I know.)  Take care, all of our clients and friends, and call us with any and all questions about the casino party industry that you can think of.  That's what Aces Casino is here for!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nothing Says "Summer" Quite Like Preparing For Your December Holiday Party

Aces Casino just loves this time of year.  Ahh, Summer -- Who DOESN'T love summer?  Vacations, Trips to the beach, warm weather, "taking life easy."  Yes, Summertime is the best time of the year....To start thinking about the December holidays!

I can hear all of you accidentally spilling your tropical drinks by the pool as you read this.... "What? Excuse me?  I thought you said this was the time to take life easy?  The holidays are 4 months away!  We have plenty of time.  Now, excuse me while I go and get a re-fill..."

My friends, take it from the orange county casino party expert -- The Summer is the PERFECT time to work on those upcoming holiday gatherings, especially when it comes to the task of securing the entertainment staff for your Holiday casino event.

Think about it -- When planning a holiday event for a business, corporation, or even an in-home intimate affair, there are so many things that have to be addressed.  Figuring out the perfect location for the event, which caterer to use, and most importantly, orange county casino party rental company to use.  The event may be months off, but the time to take care of all the "not-so-little" things is NOW!

Getting all of your party-ducks in a row in a timely manner will take all of the stress out of any event planners' life.  Taking care of all of the decisions NOW can not only make things easier as the date approaches, but it'll ALSO give you and your party-planning committee your choice of all the best locations, caterers and casino companies, before their calendars get too crowded.

There's nothing worse than getting shut-out of the best places and people available for the holiday festivities.  What's the best plan of attack?  In our humble opinion, it's time to put down that pool-side Mai-Tai, pick up the telephone, and make those important arrangements right away.

If your business and/or group has used the same companies and locations for your prior events and wishes to use their services for the 2010 holiday season, the feeling is mutual!  Your chosen party planners, event sites and event coordinators will be happy to hear from you!  And, in these tight economic times, there are some serious deals available to those of you that plan ahead, and book your events early!  Just ask -- Here at Aces Casino, we've got some nice discounted packages available for all of our loyal clients and event planners.  I'm sure that we're not alone in this marketing strategy....

So, take it from Aces Casino, the top orange county casino night party rental company in southern California -- Enjoy those beautiful summer days.  And, when the sun goes down, make that list of your favorite companies that you've used in the past, the party experts that you'd like to see handling that all-important holiday gathering in 2010.  Give us a call.  We'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aces Casino Takes A Closer Look At "3 Way-Action"

"Hey, Aces, I heard about this brand new game," was how my friend began his query, "a game that I hadn't heard of before.  Maybe you've heard of it...."

"Have you ever heard of some game called 3 Way-Action?" 

"Uhhh, yep, I sure have," was my response, although I wondered why my friend would label this as what he called a "brand new game."  Being in the orange county casino party rental business, it's my job to keep up on all the new trends, even when they're NOT so 'new.'  Agh, no problem, I said to myself, I'll correct him later.  "So, where did you see 3 Way-Action being spread?"

"Well, my friend saw it while he was up north (California), played it for a while, and thought it was a lot of fun, so he introduced the game to our Friday Poker Party, and it was a big hit!  We played all night!"  (Actually, that wasn't an unusual suggestion by my friend, who goes by the name of 'Night Owl.'  He and his card-playing buddies would stay up until 6 a.m. playing 'Madden NFL Football,' if the side bets were right.

"One problem," the friend lamented.  Uh-oh....I'm smelling a rules-violation right about now.  "We're not sure we're playing it the right way.  Could you come over to my place next Friday, and teach us the rules of the game?"

Wow, hmmm, let me see.....Well, it's a tough choice between listening to my two sons fight over the 'Wii' system for three hours on Friday night, or go over to my friend's house and spend the evening talking about my favorite thing in life -- Casino games, and the best ways to play them.  "Great, we'll see you at 7 p.m.!  Don't bring anything, we'll supply the food."

Friday couldn't come soon enough.  My sons decided to boost up the night of the weekly 'Wii' argument from Friday to Thursday, so I wouldn't miss all of the fun with them.  And, when Friday DID come around, I made the trek over to Friday Poker Party Central, in order to discuss the now-infamous "3 Way-Action."

"Here, let's show you how we're playing 3 Way-Action," my buddy says.  And, as promised, he deals out a hand of the game in question, and it looks like they've got the right idea of how the game is dealt, but they're a little off in the way the initial wagers are made.  "OK, stop right here," I say.  "Let's go over how the game works, right from the beginning."

"First off, you're asking how this 'brand new game' works, but it's not new, at all.  It's been hanging around on the fringes of the casino industry ever since the WSOP's own Joe Awada created the game for his company, Gaming Entertainment, quite some time ago."   (We consider it our job to keep up on ALL of the new games and trends in the industry, as well as their history.  Hey, we're not the orange county casino party leaders for nothing.  Grin)  After my short, boring history lesson about the game, it was time to get down to the business of how "3 Way-Action" worked.  Here is how the game was taught to this very attentive group....

3-Way Action is a game played on a Blackjack-style layout, with three distinct betting boxes in front of each of the six players at the table.  These bet-boxes are marked "High Card, Blackjack, and Poker."  To play the game, a player must place a bet in each of the three boxes, and unlike games like Let It Ride, the bets in the three boxes do not necessarily have to be in the same exact amounts.  Players can make any size wager in each of the three boxes, but may not remove any wagers made after the first card is dealt.

The first game played at the table is "High Card," also known by some players as "War" or "Combat."  It's just as described - High card.  The dealer will deal one card up to each of the players, and one card up to himself.  If your card is bigger than the dealers, you win, simple as that.  If not, you lose.  If the player and dealer TIE, the player loses exactly half of the original "high card" bet, which is the "vig" for the house.  The house edge for this part of the game, because of the half-bet loss on a tie is almost 3% (2.94%, to be exact).

Next up, we move to game #2 in 3 Way-Action, "Blackjack."  That "High Card" that you initially received to start the game?  You keep it, and will be dealt another card, face up, so each player has a two-card Blackjack hand.  (The dealer will deal HIS/HER second card down, of course.)

Now, each player plays Blackjack against the dealer.  Now, if you hit your 2-card Blackjack hand, all subsequent cards that you get will remain in your hand for the third part of the game, the poker hand.  So, the players play Blackjack against the dealer, and those bets are paid or collected, with ties being a push.  BUT....ALL cards that the players / dealer receive during Blackjack play remain on the table, as part of those players' hands.

Note:  If the player draws to seven cards totaling twenty-one (21) or less, the player wins automatically .  (Even money.)  House edge in Blackjack, taking all normal factors into account -- About another 0.5%, give or take a smidge.  You Basic Strategy players know the deal with this scenario....

So, now, with the Blackjack portion of the game completed, the table moves to the last of the games to be played - "Poker."  It's now like Seven-Card-Stud Poker.  Each of the players will be dealt cards face up, in turn, until each of them has seven cards in front of them, their poker hand.  Simply stated, if your best five cards in your poker hand beats the dealers' best five, your "Poker" wager is paid off, even money. 

House edge for the third and final installment of 3 Way-Action -- We're figuring about 3.4%, maybe a little less, depending on what the payouts are in regards to an optional side bet on the poker hand-portion of the game called the "Bonus Bet."  This is a side wager made before any of the cards are dealt, and pays off players that end up with hands of 3-of-a-kind or more (which pays 3-to-1).

House edge on the bonus bet -- Well, it depends on the payouts of he various poker hands, but the odds in regards to a "Bonus Bet" payout sheet that WE saw at a Northern California casino some time ago would land around a 12.5% vig for the house.  (You know how those bonus bets are.  Stay away from this one.)

"Wow, thanks," my friend said, after the class was dismissed.  "You really do have all the info on that game.  Sounds like, all in all, the odds in favor of the house really aren't that bad when it comes to 3 Way-Action, are they?"

I remember my answer.... "Actually, no, as casino games go, the odds in favor of the house aren't that bad at all.  Just remember your basic strategy when it comes to Blackjack, and to stay away from the optional Bonus Bet, and you should enjoy your next session of 3 Way-Action."

"Thanks again," my friend told me, as I was leaving his house, and heading back home.  "We really appreciate it."  Have a good evening!"

"You're welcome," I shot back, as I walked back to my car, and back to what I was SURE was another "Wii War" waiting for me when I got home.

Hey, when you're the orange county casino party leader, you have to know when you have the house edge, don't you?  Just one word will swing the percentages back into my favor, and give me back that coveted "House Edge."


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aces Casino Lists Their Top 5 All-Time "Las Vegas" Films

When you're in the orange county casino party rental business, people tend to assume that you know everything there is to know when it comes to the casino industry in general and the city of Las Vegas in particular. Those same people also seem to ask the most interesting questions at our events when it comes to all of the "gaming peripherals," like what Nevada souvenirs are collectible, where the best restaurants are in Vegas, all kinds of stuff like that... 

Bottom line; Aces Casino seems to be the "Wikipedia of Casino Information."  (Also known around here as the "Library of Useless Information," but you already knew that.  Grin)

Recently, at one of our many orange county casino night affairs, the subject of "greatest films involving Las Vegas and/or Casino settings" came up, and, as usual, our staff was more than willing to put their two cents into the conversation and make up a list of their favorite films in this category. 

Since that time, the discussions have been fierce; so much so that it was decided to put the topic to a vote at our offices here in Southern California, and find out who the official Aces Casino choices were when it came to "Hollywood and their portrayal of the Casino Industry."   So, without any further interruption, here are  Aces Casino's Top 5 "Vegas Films," in reverse order.....

First, three films that didn't make the los angeles casino party leader's "cut list:"

-- "Leaving Las Vegas,"  Nicolas Cage's 1996 Oscar-Winning portrayal of a suicidal screenwriter that has decided to end his life in a hotel room in Sin City.  Grim tale, and Cage's character could have picked anywhere to do the heinous deed.  No points for this one.  If I wanted a sad theme from Vegas, I'd film my own history of sports betting.

-- "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation," Chevy Chase's too-goofy jaunt into family gatherings out in the desert.  So much for Mr. Papageorgio.  No score.

-- "Shade," a film that good ol' Sly Stallone made when attempting to portray what the world of casino card cheats might be like.  We're still trying to figure out why great card players would consider it a necessity to play against these cheats and beat the game.  Forget it...They CHEAT.  No score.

OK, let's start with #5......"The Cooler," starring William H. Macy as the "Cooler" himself, a sad-sack type that brings bad luck with him everywhere he goes.  Alec Baldwin is perfectly cast as the casino manager that recognizes Macy's "talent," and hires him to cool off hot casino guests.  Great film, a must-see for those of you that may have skipped it in the past....

-- #4 -- "Bugsy." Warren Beatty stars as the enigmatic Ben "Bugsy" Segal, who ended up being the catalystic seer of the future that pictured Las Vegas being the perfect adult vacation town.  Fantastic cinematography, and a great script that tells the true story of the birth of Las Vegas in a sometimes chilling, sometimes hilarious tone.  GREAT film.

-- #3 -- "Oceans 11 (1960)."   Anyone that is "jonesing" to see what Las Vegas was like back in it's "Rat Pack" days should budget two hours out of their busy schedule and rent/borrow this classic. Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin?  Vintage Las Vegas?  A Daring robbery?  This one has it all, highly recommend it.  (Yeah, the Clooney one was good, too, but this one won the tiebreaker here at Aces Casino.)

-- #2 -- "Honeymoon In Vegas."  Where to begin....A cameo by Jerry Tarkanian, Sky-diving 'Elvises," James Caan as the bad guy, losing in a five-card draw poker game with a straight flush, and "please don't let me land on anything sharp?"  Pat Morita as the Taxi driver / Caan minion, Sarah Jessica Parker as the bride-turned-prize, Peter Boyle as the Crazed King Orman, and Nicolas Cage at his best as the everyman in Vegas that gets a little side-tracked.  A classic, get it out and watch it again.  That's what I'm going to do, when I finish this blog.

-- #1 -- "Casino."  Yeah, like any other film would be number one.  Deniro playing the true-life Frank Rosenthal, and Joe Pesci playing a character based on ex-hit man Tony Spilatro, the two of them taking over the city of Las Vegas as only they could.  Sharon Stone is fabulous as the money-crazed druggie-wife of DeNiro's "Ace Rothstein," and cameos from many of the great character actors of their day like Don Rickles and Alan King.  The quintessential Hollywood film about Las Vegas.  Hey, I can say that -- I knew Frank Rosenthal (who just passed away recently) when he ran the Stardust Hotel.  This is how it ran.  Watch THIS film right after "Honeymoon in Vegas."  Odd double-feature, but you'll get a little bit of everything for this twin-bill... Enjoy.

Well, that's all for now.  Remember, anyone looking for info when it comes to the orange county casino party industry need look no further than Aces Casino.  Give us a call, and let us help you with your next Vegas night casino party!