Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aces Casino And The Top 5 Most-Asked Questions About Casino Events (This Isn't REAL Money, Right?)

When you're in the orange county casino night party rental business, just like in any business, there tends to be what i'd call "repetitive questioning." Simply put, there are people that, when they're lucky enough to have access to an expert in some particular field that interests them, the questions abound.

It's no different here at Aces Casino.

Aces has done over 1500 events in their storied history, and in that time, we have met and enjoyed interacting with some of the nicest people in Southern California. Nice AND inquisitive, when it comes to their favorite casino games and game-play situations. Hey, EVERYONE has a question or two about how some of these games WORK.

We know that right about now, YOU probably have a question that's bugging you about the casino industry, maybe the casino party business, or something else that's closely related. (No, not "Was the movie 'Maverick' based on a true story?" Yes, THAT was one of the BOTTOM 5 questions on our list, a list for another time. And the answer was and still IS "NO.")

Fear not, "O Friends of Aces Casino." That's what we're here for. This might be one of the easiest lists to put together, so without further adieu, here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions of our casino party company staff, in reverse order, courtesy of Aces Casino, the orange county casino night party leader......

5. -- "Hey, we're not playing for real money here, are we?"

Ummm, no, we're not. I'm so sorry, but when it comes to Las Vegas night casino party companies like Aces Casino, we're playing for fun and entertainment with fake chips, and NOT playing for "keeps." If we DID play with real chips, the indian casinos in California would do a war-dance on our heads, and we'd be closed down faster than you could say "Schwarzenegger." (Heck, i'm lucky I can SPELL it.)

No, you can't cash in those fake chips that you won for real money. Casino party companies like ours only entertain guests by simulating casino games. And, most times, we cheat for the PLAYERS at our fake-chip tables. Let's see Vegas do THAT.

4. -- "It looks like you have a fun job. How do I become a dealer for a casino company like yours?"

That's an easy one. As far as most companies in this particular type of business would tell you, "just ask." It's easier than you think to hop on with a casino party company. Remember, the chips are fake, so don't worry about making mistakes. We make 'em all the time. Usually, our mistakes benefit the PLAYERS, so THEY don't mind. Most casino companies are looking for fun people, not pro dealers. We'll teach you the game you want to deal at a later date. You ought to try it, it's what we call "the greatest second job in the world."

3. -- "I'm trying out a card counting system that I want to try in Las Vegas, but I heard that card counting at Vegas blackjack tables is illegal. Is that true?"

GREAT question. And the slightly-vague answer is, "As long as a card counter is only using his brains to decide how to play his hand and is not receiving information from some mechanical aid, then the act of card counting is not illegal."

Unfortunately, there's a lot more to THIS particular situation than the letter of the law, and certain local jurisdictions view this part of casino gaming differently. LEGALLY, Nevada courts have allowed casinos to exclude card counters because technically they are on private property and under the ancient common law right a property owner could kick off his property anyone for any reason, or even without a reason, so the practice DOES occur at times.

Bottom line? If you're getting good at applying card-counting techniques and want to try your luck in Vegas, don't openly identify yourself as a card-counter, and don't play at any table for more than a half-hour. There is actually a lot of good information on "Card Counting and the Law" available in bookstores and online. Look t up, and research who the best authors and experts this field has to offer. You may enjoy the time you spend. If you ask me, it's fascinating reading.

#2 -- "We're having so much fun playing at your tables, but it seems to me that the speed of the games in Las Vegas is a lot faster. Do you think that I can do as well in Las Vegas and I do at these tables here in California?"

Ouch. I hate this question. Usually, here is how I respond..... You have to think that playing casino games with fake chips DOES take all of the pressure off, and keeps one relaxed while playing their favorite games in a very comfortable atmosphere, with all of your friends around you.

If you're concerned about the SPEED of the games, simply ask the operations manager at your casino party to hook you up with the fastest dealer they have. We always have one or two of our pro-type dealers at any particular event, dealers that we usually dub our "sharks." We can easily simulate speed, but we'll never be able to simulate the monetary fluctuations involved at real casinos. Bottom line? Those Vegas casinos play for keeps. Play your best game.

And, finally, the #1 question most asked of our casino staff?

#1 -- "Uhh, excuse me, can you tell me where the restrooms are?"

We get this one at every event, but you'll have to answer this one on your own. We're a little busy right now, practicing our card-counting techniques. (Any self-respecting orange county casino night party rental company would do just the same.) Practice up, we'll see you at our next event!

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