Friday, July 30, 2010

Las Vegas Night Casino Events: Aces Casino Calls It "Sin City Training Camp" For The VERY Frugal

Fasten your seat belts, my friends.  The following announcement will come as no surprise to you; "Las Vegas Night casino parties are a LOT of FUN!"  (See, I told you.  Totally unbiased opinion from the orange county casino party leader.)  Yes, no doubt, whether it's an in-home private affair of just a few tables, or a full-blown casino events of 20 tables or more at your next fund raiser or holiday gathering, Las Vegas night casino parties are a BLAST!

But, if you sit down and think about it, there's something ELSE that these casino parties can do.   Not only do these Vegas-night events ENTERTAIN the masses, but they ALSO can do something that most guests find quite valuable;  they can TEACH the various games.

I can't even begin to guess how many times I've heard the following statement, when it comes to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold-'Em Poker, and the like, when asked at the event whether they'd like to play...."I'd love to play, but I don't know the first thing about the game.  I've never learned how."

 Friends, THIS is your lucky day.

We're not the orange county casino night party leader for nothing, you guys.  Our Aces Casino team loves to play the games, too.  But it's even MORE fun to TEACH our guests how to play all these different casino games.  Think about it - As the gaming industry moves into the 21st century, there are more places to PLAY the casino games offered than ever before.  And, with the insatiable appetite that the consumer has for the "new and different"  in all walks of life, the casinos are more than happy to keep up with this "appetite" by offering "new and different" casino games for all of us to play.

Sounds great.  One problem, though.  For most of us that AREN'T independently wealthy, we're just not going to walk into our favorite Las Vegas casino, sit down at the nearest gaming table of a game we've never played, and start betting REAL chips at the table, hoping to learn the game as we play it.

Uhhhhh, NO.  That's not going to work for us.  Think back to the time that you first sat down at a table in Vegas, under these circumstances.  How'd that work out for you?   Yeah, I THOUGHT so.  Awful, wasn't it?  Nothing like putting up your own money at a table, making mistake after mistake, losing said money at the table, and STILL not fully learning the game because the game moved too fast for you to pick up the necessary nuances.

Now, enter the hero of our story -- The Las Vegas night casino party company.

At Aces Casino, our team of orange county casino party experts learned something REALLY fast - Even if the casino chips we use at the events are fake, the PLAYERS play the games at the tables as if the games were REAL.  We LOVE this, because we love it when the players are into the games.  It's so much easier to TEACH the games, if the players are into the "action."  It's our favorite thing to do at the event.

At a typical casino party, you'll see what we call "the big three;" Craps, Blackjack and Roulette, three casino games that appear at almost EVERY event.  And, at this typical event, it seems that Craps is the game that most players "fear."  Oh yes, they've SEEN Craps at the casino, heard all the yelling and celebrations at the table, but when the prospective player goes up and LOOKS at the Craps table layout, they feel like they're looking at the control panel for the Space Shuttle.

We can fix that.

Yes, we may be just a bit biased, but the next time you and your friends and family are thinking about having a party, especially if some or all of the guests are also planning a trip to Las Vegas in the very near future, a Vegas-night party is the perfect ticket.  Bring a pro Las Vegas casino party company into your home, ask them to bring the games that you want to play AND learn, and have fun. 

And, remember -- The best casino party company teams have many more games than just Blackjack, Craps and Roulette.  They also have games like Texas Hold-'Em Poker, Let It Ride, 3-Card Poker, Pai-Gow Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.  And, not only THAT, but the best casino party companies can also offer you the brand NEW games that are just now appearing in casinos and on cruise ships around the world -- Games like 3 Way-Action and Four-Card Poker.  Add this to the fact that new casino games seem to be coming out all the time (like a new game at the MGM called "One Up"), and it seems that the choice of games to play is endless.

Bottom line: There is a lot of fun to be had at your next Las Vegas night casino event.  A lot of fun, and just maybe, a lot of WISDOM to be had as well.  And what better way to actually LEARN all of your new and favorite games than by playing these games with fake chips?  Hey, sounds good to us.  Remember - The chips, cards and dice don't know that the games aren't real!  Make sure to drop us a line at the Aces Casino link provided with questions about YOUR favorite games (especially any new games you may have seen lately) and we'll have our staff tear your game apart, and check out how it works.  Take care, and have a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aces Casino: The WPT Legends Of Poker Tourney Returns to L.A.

Poker players across Southern California may now rejoice!  It gives me great pleasure to announce that the annual WPT "Legends Of Poker" tournament has returned to the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California.  (I know, I know, the World Series Of Poker just concluded at the Rio Suite Hotel in Las Vegas.  Sue me, I'm "poker-selfish.")  For those of us that were unable to attend the WSOP, here's your chance to get into the action.

I've always personally loved the Legends Of Poker Tournament, for two main reasons; Number one, "Legends" gives me the chance to personally play or attend most of the events at the "Bike" without causing too much stress on both my family or Aces Casino, the orange county casino night party company that signs the checks, and, number two, for my money, it's VERY easy to park my car at the "Bicycle Club."  BIG parking lot behind the building; I like that. 

I can see it now....Go ahead, tell me I'm cheap to not use the Valet. "But it's so EASY!"  Forget it.  Last time I got my car back after using the Valet, there was a quarter of a tank of gas missing and the radio was tuned to some guy named, "El-Koo-Kooey," or something like that.  He wasn't speakin' English, of THAT, I am certain.   No dice, baby.  "No Mas El Valet-o" for THIS guy.

So, where were we?  Oh, yes, "The Legends Of Poker."   GREAT place to hold a tournament like this.  If you haven't been to the Bicycle Club recently, there's a surprise waiting for you.  The entire tournament area has been remodeled.  BIG tourney area, not even including the WPT stage that's brought in for the Main Event.  The main room is more than adequate to handle the throng of poker brats coming to play, and the tournament directors and staff has always been VERY nice, and VERY MUCH on top of things, when situations arise in any of the events.  This orange county casino party kingpin gives the "Bike" two thumbs way up for it's "Legends" coverage.

Anyone looking for detailed info regarding this event can be found at the Bicycle Casino website, but here's the skinny on the tournaments in a nutshell.   Play begins on July 28, and continues through August 29th, with the Main Event actually starting on August 21st (Event #23), a $5000 buy-in tourney.

When it comes to the "people-watching" aspect of the WPT event at the Bike, if you're into seeing the "stars" of the game, we suggest you stick to checking out the preliminary events held somewhere around the week before the WPT Main Event on the 23rd, or, just come on down to the Bike on that 23rd date.  Better yet: How would you like to play at the same table as some of your favorite WPT and WSOP players?  If that sounds like your cup of tea, the Bike has satellite tournaments all over the place at all times of the day and night.  For around $20 or more, you could "satellite" your way into getting the entry fee for a $200/$500 tourney, or higher!  Satellites tourneys of all sizes abound during "Legends" month -- Just ask the tournament directors for info regarding satellites....

Well, that's all for now.  As of this writing, the "Legends Mania" starts tomorrow, on the 28th of July.  Looks like it's time for this orange county casino night party guy to sign off, and head down to the Bike.  Oh, and, no Valet, please.  My wife already thinks I'm "Koo-Koo-ey" enough, already.... (Grin)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aces Casino: Addicted To Fantasy Football? Guilty As Charged, But We Can Explain!

Working at one of the top orange county casino party titans DOES have it's perks. We seem to say that all the time, but when you work for a company whose motto is, "This Beats Working," that kinda tells ya you're in a pretty fun place to work.

Yes, these "perks" are all around us. For starters, Aces Casino is open six days out of the week, but most of the action is reserved for the weekends. 95% of the casino night events that we participate in happen on either Friday or Saturday of that week. Two days.

So, a quick check of the office calculator tells us that six minus two equals FOUR DAYS of just sitting around the office each and every week. Sure, there are a lot of things to do in our offices; repair damaged equipment from the past week of events, telephone contact work with future clients that needs to be attended to, itinerary work for upcoming events.....Yes, the weekdays DO have a few things around here that DO need some our usual orange county casino night company attention.

But, alas, there is more than a little bit of, shall we say, "down-time" in our offices, times where there really isn't much to do. "Agh, what a world, what a world indeed." WHATEVER shall we DO around here to fill this awful down-time?

Thank goodness for this coming August.

That's right, friends.  Fantasy Football returns!

Why August, you might ask? simple; For, you see, August is the yearly signal to the Aces Casino calendar that FOOTBALL is returning to the orange county casino night mindset, my friends. NFL Football. Around here, there's only one thing bigger than NFL football. (at least, that's what the owner of the company tells us, but I think he's talking about work. Sorry, that ain't it.)

And THAT, my friends, is NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL.

Bottom line, we LOVE fantasy football here at Aces Casino. And, if I trust the numbers that I see reported by well-known news agencies from across the United Staes, most of America does, too. Each and every year in the U.S., more than 15 million people play fantasy football each calendar year. (Most of them work here, i'm sure, but I digress.) That's a LOT of what most business owners must consider "a waste of time."

That is, MOST businesses.

Anyone that works in THESE offices will tell you that it's time to change the corporate motto of Aces Casino from "This Beats Working," to "Fantasy Football First!" This place gets CRAZY with activity at this time of year, most of the activity based on the amount of clients that contact us to begin setting up their fall fund raisers and December holiday events. But when the office is closed for the day at 6pm, it's unofficially "re-opened" at 6:01PM, when fantasy football takes over the building once a week, normally Thursdays.

I mean, it's NUTS here, especially since the owner of this company won the 2009 fantasy football championship. (Put away the trophy, J.J. -- I'm not polishing that thing, EVER.) Now, the 2010 DRAFT is going to be held here on a Sunday in August (because Aces is usually closed on Sunday, so it doesn't interfere with the company's time). The draft board is already UP in our main meeting room. This is serious business.

But, for those of you that are also into Fantasy Football, i'm guessing that you KNOW this feeling already. Pretty cool, ain't it? Sue me, but fantasy football is pretty fun. Until you lose to a co-worker. That's no fun. Trust me. (grin)

Moral of the story? It shouldn't surprise anyone to find out that an orange county casino party rental company that prides itself on creating a fantasy-like atmosphere of casino gaming also tends to gravitate towards fantasy football. It's a match made in heaven.

Until you lose to a co-worker. Woops, I already said that, didn't I?

Monday, July 19, 2010

WSOP "November Nine:" Aces Casino Votes "Nein," and Here's Why (It's My Short Attention Span!)

The World Series Of Poker: The ULTIMATE poker tournament, owned by Harrah's Entertainment Group, and an event held annually at the Rio Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. To most of us, this is poker "nirvana," especially for those of us in the orange county casino party business. It's a fantastic game, one that we feature prominently in our presentation book portfolios. Bottom line: We LOVE poker, in all forms.

Well, maybe not ALL forms.

Make no mistake about it, we DO love the game, and can't wait to join our card-playing brethren out in the desert, and take our annual shot at the Rio when the WSOP kicks into gear. BUT.... there's something about the WSOP that has been bugging us for about two years now, and it's time to hop on the soap box and pontificate.

It has to do with the WSOP "Main Event," the $10K buy-in tournament that is considered by most as the "World Championship" of the sport. (Yes, I know, the question of 'is poker a sport' needs to be addressed. I'll get to that, sometime later, I promise.) Back in the 1970's, when the World Series Of Poker was in it's infancy, the tournament only took two days to complete, probably because the total number of entries in the tourney 35 years ago usually topped out at around 50.

My, how times have changed.

In 2006, there were a grand total of 8,773 players competing for what turned out to be a $12 million dollar first prize. This year, during what some in Washington might call a 'recession,' there were still 7,319 entrants into the WSOP Main Event at ten thousands bucks a pop. Take it from this orange county casino night blogger: Without a doubt, poker's "World Series" is here to stay, and the Main Event, circus-like as it may be at times, IS for poker's "world title."

And, quite frankly, THIS is where I have a problem. I DO love the Main Event of the WSOP. I just don't like it's current FORMAT.

Let's take a quick peek at the other "world championship events" for some historical background, shall we?

NBA -- The NBA Playoffs began on April 17, 2010, and ended two months later, on June 17, 2010. Start to finish, two months. Two LOOONG months. Ask anyone that tracks the NBA post-season, and they'll tell you that it drags on forever.

NHL -- The NHL playoffs went April 11 / June 10. Two months, and it seems that THESE playoffs drag on longer than the NBA.

NFL -- Basically six weeks of playoffs here, including the Super Bowl. Not too shabby, time-wise. The NFL is also the king of sports marketing, so if THEY say five weeks will get it done, that works for me.

MLB -- Even less than the NFL. Surprisingly, the MLB post-season lasts just about one month (October 7 / November 4, last year). (The season lasts SIX months, though. Maybe THAT'S why we're tired of baseball in November each year.

Hmmmm.... OK .... If my info is correct (and it always IS), the 4 major sports need from 1-to-2 months to determine their champion, and when it comes to marketing the post-season, there's no better commercial for the action taking place than the games themselves, games that are on almost every day.

Now, let's move to the World Series Of Poker. Now, we first take into account that the WSOP consists of not one, but more than 50 separate individual "bracelet" tournaments that started in earnest on May 28th, 2010, and "ended" yesterday, July the 18th, in the Rio's Amazon Room.

Or DID it?

So, the WSOP takes about what, seven weeks from start to finish? But alas, my orange county casino party friends, the WSOP season ISN'T over. There's just one small problem, and that's what the WSOP calls "The November Nine," the last nine players left at the WSOP Main Event Final Table.

And WHY do they call this group "The November Nine?" Easy. Because the WSOP, in their infinite wisdom, is STOPPING the 2010 Main Event on Sunday, July 18th, and making the last nine competitors wait for an astounding 105 DAYS until the tourney is resumed on November 1, 2010.


Heck, anyone that plays games around MY house knows that if we started a game on day 1, and waited 105 days until we FINISHED it, most of the players wouldn't even remember how to PLAY the game, let alone play it well. Granted, these last nine players have quite a monetary incentive to remember how to play poker (First place in the WSOP Main Event will get you over $8M), but that's beside the point.

WHY in HADES does Harrah's and the WSOP make these players wait for over a HUNDRED DAYS, before getting to the biz of declaring a champion? Does Harrah's know something about marketing a major playoff series that the four MAJOR sports DON'T? I doubt it. This event used to be held at Binion's casino downtown up thru 2003, which, for the record, didn't even HAVE a poker room, when the WSOP began back in 1970. (More about the Binion's history will be blogged here at a later date, I promise you.)

ESPN does a fine job of televising the WSOP events, albeit it a telecast schedule that has gotten smaller and smaller since 2008. Bottom line, Harrah's doesn't do one bloody thing to promote the final table of the WSOP main event. They just delay it unmercifully. In my humble opinion, this does NOTHING for the 'sport.' All this does is take any momentum away from the players that were totally dialed in during the last hours of the tourney, and make them all sit around and get stale.

I HATE this. Hey, sue me, but I don't want to sit around and wait to see all the already-recorded coverage hours of the 2010 WSOP Main Event. I wanna see them NOW.

If the world would ever decide to anoint me as "Poker Czar," there's a couple of things that I would immediately change about the WSOP --

1. Cover more of the other 50+ events that are held earlier in the WSOP. I loved watching coverage of the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event (5 types of poker played and rotated every two hours), as well as all of the individual $10K events that are held. Bring all of those back, cover them on a tape-delayed basis, but SHOW them to us after about 7-10 days pass.

2. Cover the 2010 Main Event as usual, but don't hold on to all of the footage that you've already SHOT, ESPN! SHOW IT TO US! It doesn't take months to post-produce the footage. Get to it.

3. OK, I realize that the last day of competition in the 2010 main event took 17 hours to complete, to get down to 9 players from 27. No prob. Give the November Nine a WEEK off to recuperate, not 15 WEEKS! Heck, ANYTHING can happen in 15 weeks. Lord help us if a player is injured in some accident, or worse, and the player(s) can't come back to finish the competition. Give 'em one week, then bring back the "July Nine" to find out who wins it all.

I mean, come ON -- All of the poker aficionados that follow the sport with any diligence whatsoever and have access to a computer or a telephone KNEW who the November Nine were in '09. There's no reason to delay this, WSOP. Do us all a favor, and make this the last year of this stupid elongated poker vacation. It's unnecessary, and it's just wrong.

OK, I've said my piece. Thoughts?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Aces Casino Mid-Term: 10 True/False Questions About Casino Blackjack Play (Call It Your Aces Blackjack Mid-Term Test.) Pass If You score 100%!

OK, all you "expert Blackjack players:" The Professor is handing out the papers. Take one, and pass the rest back, please. It's time for all of you to take the Blackjack version of the "Aces Casino Mid-Term Gaming Test." Today's exercise deals with what most people consider the most popular game in Las Vegas -- 21, Blackjack.

Here at Aces Casino (the orange county casino night leader), we take pride in our ability to keep all of our many Blog-Readers mentally sharp and ready to do battle in the Vegas casinos, and what better way to do THAT than by testing our casino party flock from time to time. Here, it doesn't COST you anything.

Yeah, we thought it was a great idea, too. We already test the SoCal masses at our just-for-fun casino tables with live dealers; Why not add a written test to the "blog" mix? For the record, we'll be utilizing our Aces Casino Blog for all kinds of testing, reaching out to ALL of the casino games that you love to play. We just HAD to start with Blackjack, though. It's only fair.

For each of our "mid-term tests" that we'll propose over the coming weeks, the format will most likely remain the same; Ten questions, with all 10 questions dealing with the chosen game of the day, and all the questions being of the True/False variety. OK, if the orange county casino night Professor is ready, let's begin. (Ed. Note: all of the answers will appear at the end of the blog. No peeking.)

Question 1. You should always hit a hand of 16 against a dealer's 10.

Question 2. A player that loses four hands in a row is due to win the next hand.

Question 3. It is not recommended to split 8's against a dealer's 10 or Ace.

Question 4. It doesn't matter which spot you sit down at when joining a game of Blackjack.

Question 5. You should always take even money when you have a blackjack and the dealer's up-card is an Ace. (2-point question.)

Question 6. Referring to a strategy card while playing at a Las Vegas casino Blackjack table is perfectly legal.

Question 7. A Blackjack player who is misplaying their hands will always cause the other players at the table to lose.

Question 8. The house edge against the player changes, depending on how many decks are used at the table.

Question 9. A Blackjack player that enters the game in the middle of a shoe will change the flow of the cards and ultimately alter the game in favor of the casino.

Question 10. When splitting Aces at the table, you are only allowed one card up per Ace.

OK, let's see how you did. I'm SURE that our students know their Blackjack. (Aren't we? Gee, I hope so....Grin)


Question 1. FALSE. Did we get you already? Yes, surprisingly, that IS false. Remember, some casinos in Las Vegas use what is called the "Surrender" play at the table, where you can surrender half of your bet before hitting or standing. If you have 16 and the dealer is showing a ten, "Basic Strategy" suggests the player "surrender."

Question 2. FALSE. The deck of cards has no idea how the previous hands were dealt or played. Therefore, there is no mathematical theory around that has EVER suggested that this could possibly be true. Nope, false.

Question 3. Sorry, that's FALSE, too. Basic Strategy suggests that you do just that -- Split 'em. Look it up. I ain't lyin', here.

Question 4. TRUE. I'm sure that some might think the 3rd-base position is where the experts should play, but your personal chances of winning have nothing to do with actual seat position. Math wins again.

Question 5. FALSE. People, you're giving the house back a significant edge if you take the "even money" bait. ALWAYS take the 3-to-2 odds in your favor. Remember, thirteen possible cards under the dealer's hand, and only 4 of them make Blackjack (10-J-Q-K). Take the 3-to-2, baby. Two points for getting this one right.

Question 6. TRUE. I know you've heard all of the card-counter stuff, but here's the straight dope; having a basic strategy card to assist in your play is not only legal, but a VERY good idea.

Question 7. FALSE. Who told you THAT lie? Believe me, you have to take all of the superstition out of your game, if you believe this one. Doesn't matter if you're playing with rocket scientists or Raider fans: Those other players do NOT change your odds of winning. Trust me.

Question 8. TRUE. The house edge DOES change when fewer decks are used. Check out this link to see how much the differences are between using one deck and using an eight-deck shoe.

Question 9. FALSE. The flow of the cards dealt out might change, but there's no way to predict if this helps or hurts the players. Think about it.

Question 10. TRUE. Las Vegas casinos only allow the one mandatory card on each Ace. I know, sometimes you wish you could hit again. Uh-uhh. Nope, no-can-do. Aces Casino wouldn't be doing it's orange county casino night job right, if we weren't trying to help out a lil' bit.

Well, how did you do? Hopefully, you all scored a perfect "11." Come back any time, we're always discussing your favorite games here at the Aces Casino Blog! We'll see you next time......

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aces Casino And The Top 5 Most-Asked Questions About Casino Events (This Isn't REAL Money, Right?)

When you're in the orange county casino night party rental business, just like in any business, there tends to be what i'd call "repetitive questioning." Simply put, there are people that, when they're lucky enough to have access to an expert in some particular field that interests them, the questions abound.

It's no different here at Aces Casino.

Aces has done over 1500 events in their storied history, and in that time, we have met and enjoyed interacting with some of the nicest people in Southern California. Nice AND inquisitive, when it comes to their favorite casino games and game-play situations. Hey, EVERYONE has a question or two about how some of these games WORK.

We know that right about now, YOU probably have a question that's bugging you about the casino industry, maybe the casino party business, or something else that's closely related. (No, not "Was the movie 'Maverick' based on a true story?" Yes, THAT was one of the BOTTOM 5 questions on our list, a list for another time. And the answer was and still IS "NO.")

Fear not, "O Friends of Aces Casino." That's what we're here for. This might be one of the easiest lists to put together, so without further adieu, here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions of our casino party company staff, in reverse order, courtesy of Aces Casino, the orange county casino night party leader......

5. -- "Hey, we're not playing for real money here, are we?"

Ummm, no, we're not. I'm so sorry, but when it comes to Las Vegas night casino party companies like Aces Casino, we're playing for fun and entertainment with fake chips, and NOT playing for "keeps." If we DID play with real chips, the indian casinos in California would do a war-dance on our heads, and we'd be closed down faster than you could say "Schwarzenegger." (Heck, i'm lucky I can SPELL it.)

No, you can't cash in those fake chips that you won for real money. Casino party companies like ours only entertain guests by simulating casino games. And, most times, we cheat for the PLAYERS at our fake-chip tables. Let's see Vegas do THAT.

4. -- "It looks like you have a fun job. How do I become a dealer for a casino company like yours?"

That's an easy one. As far as most companies in this particular type of business would tell you, "just ask." It's easier than you think to hop on with a casino party company. Remember, the chips are fake, so don't worry about making mistakes. We make 'em all the time. Usually, our mistakes benefit the PLAYERS, so THEY don't mind. Most casino companies are looking for fun people, not pro dealers. We'll teach you the game you want to deal at a later date. You ought to try it, it's what we call "the greatest second job in the world."

3. -- "I'm trying out a card counting system that I want to try in Las Vegas, but I heard that card counting at Vegas blackjack tables is illegal. Is that true?"

GREAT question. And the slightly-vague answer is, "As long as a card counter is only using his brains to decide how to play his hand and is not receiving information from some mechanical aid, then the act of card counting is not illegal."

Unfortunately, there's a lot more to THIS particular situation than the letter of the law, and certain local jurisdictions view this part of casino gaming differently. LEGALLY, Nevada courts have allowed casinos to exclude card counters because technically they are on private property and under the ancient common law right a property owner could kick off his property anyone for any reason, or even without a reason, so the practice DOES occur at times.

Bottom line? If you're getting good at applying card-counting techniques and want to try your luck in Vegas, don't openly identify yourself as a card-counter, and don't play at any table for more than a half-hour. There is actually a lot of good information on "Card Counting and the Law" available in bookstores and online. Look t up, and research who the best authors and experts this field has to offer. You may enjoy the time you spend. If you ask me, it's fascinating reading.

#2 -- "We're having so much fun playing at your tables, but it seems to me that the speed of the games in Las Vegas is a lot faster. Do you think that I can do as well in Las Vegas and I do at these tables here in California?"

Ouch. I hate this question. Usually, here is how I respond..... You have to think that playing casino games with fake chips DOES take all of the pressure off, and keeps one relaxed while playing their favorite games in a very comfortable atmosphere, with all of your friends around you.

If you're concerned about the SPEED of the games, simply ask the operations manager at your casino party to hook you up with the fastest dealer they have. We always have one or two of our pro-type dealers at any particular event, dealers that we usually dub our "sharks." We can easily simulate speed, but we'll never be able to simulate the monetary fluctuations involved at real casinos. Bottom line? Those Vegas casinos play for keeps. Play your best game.

And, finally, the #1 question most asked of our casino staff?

#1 -- "Uhh, excuse me, can you tell me where the restrooms are?"

We get this one at every event, but you'll have to answer this one on your own. We're a little busy right now, practicing our card-counting techniques. (Any self-respecting orange county casino night party rental company would do just the same.) Practice up, we'll see you at our next event!

Monday, July 12, 2010

"The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly:" Aces Casino and the Wildest Celebrity Event EVER (Except For One, and You Know Which One That Is)

Recently, there was a manager's meeting held here at the offices of Aces Casino, the top orange county casino party rental giant. The reason for this "summit meeting" of our top six department heads was pretty simple; the team was there to come up with some suitable, yet witty content for the next few blog entries to post right here in our infamous Aces Casino blog. (You didn't think I thought all of this stuff up, did you? -- Grin) Yeah, that's right; It's "Casino Night Writer's Block." It happens....

What we found out was the answer to the riddle, "How many casino night managers does it take to come up with even ONE suitable topic?" Well, the answer appears to be six. They ALL came up with the SAME IDEA. So much for great minds think alike.

But...Wait, just a minute. First, they DID have a point. "Aces, you already blogged about our favorite celebrity casino event of all time!" (this event is the one they all thought of first.) But, just like the best think-tankers of these United States, they all thought of their second-favorite celebrity-laced casino night endeavor, and suggested that we use THAT one.

OK. I'm easy. It's not one of MY favorites (for reasons that you'll understand later), but yours truly only has one vote. Democracy wins out again, friends.

It's an event that was instantly dubbed, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." And, without question, it was ALL of the above, in spades, as you'll soon see.

The event was a celebrity fund raiser held at a studio warehouse in Culver City about 15 years ago, and as Jack Webb would have so eloquently put it, "What you about to read is true. The charities' names have been changed to protect the innocent." The CHARITIES, yes. The CELEBRITIES? Uh-uhh. Nope. We're going with THEIR names. We'd make a GREAT tell-all book author.

The day of the event, the entire Aces team was totally psyched; Because of the nature of the event, and all of the celebs that would be in attendance, it wasn't hard for the top orange county casino party juggernaut to fill the 30-some-odd dealers needed to properly staff this casino party.

All was well... The equipment was set up in perfect position for the casino floor, the dealer team was early as always, to receive their assignments for the evening, the casino floor staff (including me) was ready to go. Then, right before the event, the hostess for the evening came to talk to us about what she wanted most from us, to assist her in the event.

It was none other than Joan Rivers.

Ouch. Now, I hadn't ever met Ms. Rivers before, but obviously, today was going to be my unlucky day. As she shuffled toward us, I remember not actually recognizing her (In hindsight, I would estimate that she was, at that point, somewhere between face lifts 5-and-8), but, yep, although she was slightly contorted, there was no mistaking that voice.

I introduced myself, and her immediate response was "Nice to meet you, Stan." (Not my name.) And, even though I corrected her a number of times during this first get-together, it never took. I was "Stan" all night. Hey, what the heck, i've been called worse. I used to referee hockey games in Westminster, California. I WISHED that THOSE guys would call me Stan.

Anyway, she filled me in on what little she knew about the event, and went on her merry way. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the last I would see of Joan Rivers on this fateful evening. Oh, NOOOO, not by a long shot.

Reason? Well, Joan thought that it would be a hoot to follow me around and constantly quiz me about what I was doing during our Las Vegas night casino event, and never missing a trick when it came to interrupting my work with the dealers and clients, and harassing both me AND the clients with snide "comedic" innuendos that were being broadcast throughout the casino floor via her wireless microphone.

That face of hers still haunts me to this day. (I'm told this is a recurring nightmare for many people that watch her on television. Ask Annie Duke.) That was a long night. She repeatedly asked me questions like, "what do you think of my butt, Stan?" I finally answered her by telling her that I had seen more butt on a cigarette, a quip she didn't take to at all. She turned her "let's harass Stan" meter up to "10" at that point. Yikes...

Joan Rivers -- Definitely the "BAD."

In fairness, we HAVE to move right to the good. Steven Spielberg. Talk about a nice guy. Irically, he was playing at a Blackjack table with a dealer that has been notorious for being, shall we say, "merciless" when it comes to beating up our fake casino game players. Spielberg was unable to dodge this dealers' wrath as well, declaring at one point that, "If I lose one more hand, i'll be unable to afford to make my next picture.

Thank goodness the casino chips ARE fake, because the director of such blockbuster hits as "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park" lost an incredible 17 hands in a row. Stick to blockbusters, Steven... (Grin)

Well, I guess that only leaves us with our third of three parts. We've had the "good," we've talked about the "bad." Now, it's time for the "ugly." and BOY, was IT ugly. (Laugh) Take it from an orange county casino night party employee that looks in the mirror on a daily basis: I KNOW UGLY.

Same party, and almost immediately after having a few laughs with Mr. Spielberg, we get a call over our headset communications system... "Ummm, Aces, we need a little help on table #2."

OK, no problem. I know Table 2. It's right near the warehouse entrance, right next to ED-209, the robot from "Robocop." Can't miss it. I also note to myself that it has one of our all-time favorite blackjack dealers at that table, one of the nicest guys in the world. So, without hesitation, it's time to go over to T-#2, and talk to our dealer.

When I get there, the dealer waves me over, and quietly whispers to me something I thought i'd never hear from this dealer..... "If you don't get this guy away from me right now, i'm going to have to kill him."

I look over at the player he's pointing at, and it's ROBERT WAGNER.

Now, i've always LOVED Robert Wagner, all the shows he's done (Hart to Hart, Switch), and to top it all off, the dealer doesn't recognize or know who Wagner is. (Darned young dealers. Makes me feel old.) Besides, this is the SAME Robert Wagner that was oh-so-hospitable at the beginning of the event.

Funny what 9 glasses of wine will do to ya.

Well, he's totally out of control: boisterous, argumentative, consistently slurring his words, swearing at the dealer, accusing him of cheating. (Yeah, we always love cheating celebs out of fake chips at high-end charitable events.)

Luckily, one of Wagner's friends immediately comes to the rescue to assist him in getting away from the table, and it's a good thing -- Here comes Joan Rivers, looking for someone to verbally assault, and Robert Wagner would have been a prime target. Once she arrives at the table, it's time to harass the old "pit boss," yours truly.

Hey, it's better than Ol' "frozen face" getting into it with Alexander Mundy. THAT could have been REALLY ugly.

Wow....THAT was a night to remember. Or forget. I haven't decided which. What did I learn from all of our experience at what turned out to be a really fun event? Easy.

Next time we do a celeb event, i'm bringing ED-209 with me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

WSOP: 5 Reasons That You HAVE to See It In Person

Yes, I know what you're thinking, I see you working out there. Right about now, your very first question HAS to be, "Aces, you're an orange county casino party rental company - WHY in the heck are you continually blogging about the WSOP?

Well, actually there are TWO reasons that we're writing all about the 2010 World Series Of Poker; Reason number one, the WSOP continually raids our Aces dealer team roster for qualified dealers for the "Tourney to end all tourneys," which means that a lot of our team is missing for approximately one month, and reason number two, as far as we're concerned, the WSOP is the ultimate poker experience, ESPECIALLY for those of you that either love to play poker, and/or love to watch the ESPN tape/delayed telecasts of some of the WSOP events, including the $10K Main Event.

Now, before we pontificate any further, there's something that NEEDS to be said at this point if you fit into either of the prior fan bases mentioned.

The WSOP is an event that you HAVE to see in person.
It's a MUST attend. Why, you ask? Ahhh, friends, i'm glad that you asked that question, because your suggested request leads me into the main reason for this week's blog submission.

They have a seat just for you, right here!

Without further fanfare, here are (courtesy of Aces Casino, the los angeles casino rental juggernaut) our top 5 reasons that the WSOP MUST be seen in person to be appreciated......

#1 -- Access to your favorite poker players

If you're sitting at home and watching the ESPN broadcasts as religiously as WE are and have developed your personal list of "favorite players," the WSOP is for YOU. Anyone that finally gets off their duff and actually goes to attend the WSOP for the first time is always shocked and surprised at the overall size of the event. Once the shock wears off, suddenly, you'll realize something else -- The place is CRAWLING with ALL of the players that you've seen on TV for years.

They're all OVER the place. From inside the Amazon Room (where most of the tourneys are held) to the Miranda Room (the 2010 food court), up and down the hallways, and inside most of the hospitality suites, the place is LOADED with poker players. Most times, depending on the individual and the moment in time that you see him/her, the players are more than happy to pose for pictures, sign autographs, talk poker, whatever. There's just something about seeing the players "in their natural habitat," which the WSOP is, in no uncertain terms. If there's someone that you'd just LOVE to meet or talk to, here's your chance, America. Ya gotta go.

#2 -- Being a part of the action at the WSOP

You know what? Besides the 50+ WSOP tournaments that are held every year at the Rio Suite Hotel in Las Vegas every summer, there are ALSO other poker-related activities happening each year at the WSOP. Not interested in ponying up the $1500+ to enter the tourney of your choice? No prob. There is one room in the Rio Poker Complex that is dedicated to what are called poker "satellites."

For as little as $125, you can sit down at a poker table just like the ones in the Amazon Room, and play in a single-table sit-&-go satellite. I know more than a few players that just hang out in the satellite room, just taking their shot at winning an entry in a major WSOP event for a fraction of the cost.

Not into playing in tourneys at all? Two words; CASH GAMES. The Rio's version of the WSOP has just what you're looking for, cash games at all levels, just like your home card casino. Not into playing poker during your visit to the WSOP? Try out the shopping venues. The Rio is MORE than obliging in THIS particular area of the WSOP marketing arm. You can buy anything from t-shirts to chips, hats, souvenirs, you name it. If you're looking for it, the WSOP makes it.

#3 -- "It's VEGAS, baby!"

I mean, come ON. Unless you're Puritanically retro-fitted and want very littleif ANYTHING to do with the WSOP, Las Vegas IS 'THE' vacation destination of the summer! Where else can you take a ride to the top of the 'Eiffel Tower,' water-ski on a beautiful lake, visit the Pinball Machine Hall Of Fame, and watch Phil Hellmuth melt down at a WSOP tournament poker table, ALL IN THE SAME DAY? Ya GOTTA come, it's VEGAS!

#4 -- There's a rumor going around that Vegas has legalized gambling

Hey, I know it's just a rumor, but if it's true, and you CAN actually bet on sports, the ponies, the dice, the cards..... Boy, that's a GREAT lil' perk to throw in, on top of the action at the Rio. Just sayin'..... Wow, i'll have to check this out, i'll get right back to you.... (Grin)

#5 -- You'll get the chance to actually sit in the ESPN Poker "Stadium," and watch a WSOP "Final Table" in action

You've seen the ESPN Poker Arena on TV. Imagine sitting right in the stadium that surrounds the Final Table Of The Day inside the Amazon Room, and watching someone win one of the coveted WSOP bracelets. Yeah, I know you'll have a crappy viewing angle to see anything, and the overhead monitors and unintelligible commentary given by the tournament director of the day doesn't tell you much -- It's the WSOP, my friends. Ya GOTTA sit in their at least once, and check out the action, such as it is. Watch out for the "Photo Nazi's," though. No flash photography is allowed inside the Amazon Room. (Yeah, like THAT stops anyone.)

Well, there you have it, my friends of the leader in orange county casino rental for Southern California. Bottom line? It's Vegas, it's the WSOP, and it's a BLAST. We'll see you in the "Poker Stadium." Might as well see you THERE, because we sure can't see what's goin' on at the final table..... (Grin)

Monday, July 5, 2010

The 2010 World Series Of Poker is HERE!

Today is a sad day for this reporter, one of the guys that works at Aces Casino, THE los angeles casino night leader.

The "Main Event" of the 2010 World Series Of Poker is starting today, without us.

So, around Aces Casino headquarters, one of the top los angeles casino night juggernauts in the industry, well, we're feelin' slighted. (Dog-Gone July-4th holiday.) We've all attended the yearly pilgrimage to the WSOP annually, so, because of scheduling conflicts, the los angeles casino night leader is stayin' home.

Well, nothing helps to get rid of the pain quite like writing about it, so we decided to print a lil' blurb in our blog about the 2010 WSOP.

UNTIL, that is, UNTIL we saw Gary Wise's column for

The stage is literally set for the 2010 WSOP

Gary Wise is one of the top poker writers in HIS industry, and is WELL respected here at Aces. We could NEVER do ANY better than what our friend, Gary Wise, has written about this years' WSOP, so, with permission, here is his article. Enjoy.

Forty-one years ago a relocated Texas gangster named Benny Binion, looking to drum up passerby interest in his Horseshoe Casino, rallied seven of the world's finest poker players to gather under its roof for what he termed the World Series of Poker. With the promise of free food, lodging and plenty of action to be had, eventual Hall of Famers like Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss and Amarillo Slim gathered and played, electing Moss champion because tournament poker hadn't yet been envisioned.

So began one of America's greatest success stories. Starting the day after many celebrated America's Independence Day, we begin an event that flies closest to the spirit of all that holiday represents. The $10,000 World Series of Poker main event.

How is poker the most American of all games? Poker is capitalism. Poker is a might-makes-right game in which anyone can try to assert their will and must defend themselves from others trying to do so. Unlike football or baseball or basketball, every player puts up or shuts up, using his own money to play and ultimately risking its loss. In poker, you are accountable for your actions in the most American way possible: through your wallet. Ultimately the strong survive, through smarts, through skill and through the kind of strength of spirit that allows for two weeks of intense, uninterrupted focus. That's right: two weeks. On July 17, nine players will position themselves for the final table run where one of them will win anywhere from $8 million to $10 million in first-place prize money.

Poker is democracy. Anyone can play and every player is simultaneously an individual and part of the whole. Each player can make himself or herself heard with his or her actions. Poker players speak a unique language of bad beats and value and that dialogue brings them together with a bond that overcomes differences in race, religion, color, gender and creed. Israelis and Palestinians will shake hands when one knocks the other out of a tournament. Poker brings them all together as a nation. It's the melting pot. An Independence Day press release from the WSOP announced that thus far, players from 107 countries were already signed up for the main event with more than three days remaining for registration. This year's Olympic Winter Games had representatives from 83 nations. The final field size, after four starting days, is expected to hover around 7,000 players.

Poker is the American dream. Players like Johnny Chan and Scotty Nguyen went from floating off their respective nations in under-gassed boats filled beyond capacity with countrymen who would often die from the journey. They each made it to America with little to their names, adopted it as their home, worked their way up, found this game and made millions through becoming WSOP champions. When Nguyen won his championship in 1998, he turned to Jack Binion, who'd succeeded his father in operating the tournament, and said, "This is my dream, to sit next to you." Through this tournament, he'd reached the peaks only his imagination would have allowed to seem possible.

Between those three American icon philosophies, I challenge you to find a more American game than poker. The World Series of Poker main event is its pinnacle.

Through the years, the main event has been universally recognized as the tournament that crowns poker's world champion. After Binion's original attempts, the fields began to grow (13 players in 1973, 34 players in 1977, 113 players in 1982, 215 players in 1991, 839 players in 2003) when ESPN's cameras were on hand to capture Tennessee accountant Chris Moneymaker taking out Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey before toppling Sammy Farha to win the championship. Suddenly, anything was possible. Suddenly, anyone could win and become famous in the process.

Since then, the main event has ballooned. The wealth and fame captured by Moneymaker, then Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem, Jamie Gold, Jerry Yang, Peter Eastgate and Joe Cada in the years that followed, are the dream and goal of every poker player from Ivey and Brunson on down to the guy who wins "some of the time" in his small town home game. That's because while we know poker's a game in which skill will eventually win out, on a given day -- maybe this given day -- anyone can win. The only way to find out if it's your day is to play.

"This is how you make your name, baby," said 1998 champion Nguyen in his signature voice. "The main event is the ultimate rush. People dream just to play in it, but winning it … the world knows who you are and your name will live on a hundred years from now."

"If I was to meet a complete stranger to the world of poker, I guess the only way I could describe the main event is to say it's like the Kentucky Derby, the U.S. Open and Wimbledon all sewn into one," explained 2005 champion Hachem. "The number of people who come across so many continents from so many countries to play for one prized trophy is unequaled in sport."

With the growth of the event being what it is, the view of it from those on the inside has changed. Where once a top player's career was incomplete without a main event win, now most are resigned to the fact they'll probably never win it.

"It's a totally different ballgame today" said Chan, who won back-to-back championships in 1987 and 1988. "You have so many bodies you have to go through. When I won, I was young. I'm not young anymore. You have to play 10 hours a day, day in, day out, sitting for all those hours, it's tough on your body."

He then added with a smile, "I love it though."

The pain comes with just rewards. In a professional community in which branding and skill are of equal importance, it's become increasingly difficult for new faces to pierce the public consciousness in a way that will pay off in endorsements and sponsorships. Success in the main event is the exception.

"The poker landscape has changed to where its difficult to become a household name," Daniel Negreanu said. "You can still do that at the main event. You see the same faces on TV all the time and it's difficult for anyone else to build a fan base. With the main event, it's instant and it's automatic. The way it's structured now, if you make the November Nine, you're going to be remembered."

For so many, that's what the main event is all about. It's an equal opportunity way to etch your name in stone, the one poker tournament in which success assures that your name will become an institution because the WSOP is poker's greatest institution. It rubs off. It's the culmination of democracy, skill, capitalism, luck and the American dream. On July 5, with the launching of the tournament they call "The Big One," we'll see the early formation of the institutions of tomorrow.