Monday, June 28, 2010

Aces Casino Finds Out (The HARD Way) That Joe Awada has a new game - 3 Way-Action!

When you're considered one of the top los angeles casino rental companies in SoCal, well, you're expected to do what it takes to go that "extra mile" in finding out what new games are making their way into the REAL casinos. You do this ever-so-willingly, so you can bring them to an ever-hungry game-crazed public that's just WAITING to try that game out on in a "practice round" on an Aces Casino gaming felt, when the chips are as fake as a Hollywood starlet's bust-line.

Hey -- Any time we hear the phrase "new casino game" and "bust-line" in the same paragraph, well, we're there. "All in the name of "necessary research," don'cha know. (Ahem...)

Anyway...... During one of these "necessary research" sessions out in Bullhead City the other day, we stumbled across one of the more out-of-the-way casinos that i've ever come across; A place called the "Avi." Now, i'm sure that all of you that are familiar with Laughlin, Nevada, sure as heck know about "The Avi," but this casino was big news to yours truly, as well as it was to our merry band of los angeles casino rental team-mates that were out on patrol with us last weekend. We just HAD to go inside the Avi, check out the action..

For the record, "The Avi" is Indian Casino-based, and not currently in a battle for "whales" with the likes of Steve Wynn. (Translation: It's quaint, but kinda run-down.) We'll call it "Broken-In." You can check it out further at It's not a dump, but you can see the landfills from there. (Not doin' any favors for the place, am I? I guess that i'm probably out of the running for that PR-Director job at the Avi. Damn, tough break. Grin.)

OK, where were we? Ahh, yes, our "necessary research." Well, dusing a test-lap around the Avi's casino pit, suddenly, there it was; The busiest casino table in the whole place, lots of noise, fun to be had by all that were playing. And, to my surprise, when we walk up to the table, we discover that this casino table ISN'T fitty-cent Blackjack, as were would have guessed, but, quite frankly, this table sported a game that I had never seen in a casino before.

It's called "3 Way-Action."

Now, we've seen all those "triple-action" games in the past, but this one has a great twist. There are three betting spots on the table; One for casino war, one for Blackjack, and the third one for, get this, Seven-Card-Stud Poker. Oh, man, I love this game ALREADY. And what's even BETTER? Those of you in the WSOP world know the name of Joe Awada (WSOP bracelet winner). And, some might ALSO know that one of Joe's many passions is creating new table games for casinos and cruise-ships, right? Guess who created the game "3 Way-Action?" Yep, Joe Awada himself. Smart guy, great poker player, too. We've crossed paths, let's put it that way...

Now, I could sit here and bore you with a lengthy diatribe that would cover the rules of play for "3 Way-Action" and how it works, but let's put it this way: This los angeles casino rental giant gives this new game a big "Two Thumbs Up," we HIGHLY recommend our many (three) fans check this new Joe Awada creation out. You'll love it. (I found this out the hard way - Lost $90, darn it!  I need to study this game a little more, it would seem.  Don't spend my $90 foolishly, Joe!)

Hey, here's one great way to check it out -- Book a casino party with Aces Casino, and request that we bring a "3 Way-Action" table to your next event. You'll be glad you did, and somewhere in Nevada, Joe Awada will be glad you did, too. We'll see you soon at the next Aces Casino event!

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